Senior Backend Developer

The role of the Senior Backend Developer is to assist the Head of Development to lead the Development team in delivering robust and innovative software solutions that meet the client brief.

What you'll do

  • Work with a range of technologies to develop new websites and applications, and maintain and enhance existing ones
  • Endeavour to exceed client expectations, where possible and support the more junior members of the Development team to achieve this goal
  • Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, complex user journeys, concepts and creative ideas, demonstrating the rationale and consideration
  • Meet deadlines set and communicate any issues in a timely way, with proposed solutions, should they arise
  • Take control of critical support issues, providing advice and support, putting into place the correct escalation and process to manage and resolve issues as soon as possible
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the digital landscape and a love for technology
  • Understand our clients, their businesses, preferences, and needs
  • Establish a clear and efficient internal dialogue with the Delivery Team
  • Work collaboratively across the whole Yoyo team

Agency life

  • This role is based in our Tunbridge Wells office but we can offer local remote working options and flexible hours
  • We are looking for someone who will be an active part of the Yoyo family and participate in agency wide meetings (e.g. Town Hall, Company meetings)

What we need

  • 5+ years of development experience
  • An eye for detail, and the ability to realise a design with a high degree of accuracy
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to help build strong colleague and client relationships at all levels
  • Write clean, healthily structured, and well documented code, which is fully tested and error-free, and ensure the Development team adhere to these standards
  • A proven track record of successfully developing websites and applications
  • Strong experience developing in C# with .NET (Core) and/or .NET Framework
  • Knowledge of developing for a CMS, specifically Umbraco
    • If Umbraco, knowledge of extending the backoffice, creating custom datatypes etc.
  • Experience integrating with third-party APIs
  • Knowledge of creating an API
  • Knowledge of setting up a server to host a .NET application
  • Experience deploying a .NET web application (IIS, CI/CD, Azure, AWS, Octopus Deploy etc.)
  • Experience working/integrating with databases, specifically SQL
  • Some experience in writing tests for your code
  • Good knowledge of HTML development, especially understanding the need for semantically accurate markup
  • Knowledge of CSS/SASS, JavaScript/TypeScript, and build tools and preprocessors (NPM, Vite)
  • Working knowledge of version control systems, specifically Git (Bitbucket and GitHub)
  • A thorough understanding of web development standards and best practices, especially relating to accessibility and SEO

How you'll do well

  • Consistently hit agreed KPIs set by the Head of Development within your performance reviews
  • Deliver quality work within time and budget
  • Show clear signs that you are a thought leader in digital development through attending various external-facing events and contribution to developing internal tools, processes and marketing (blog posts, etc.)
  • Regularly demonstrate efficient/smart working practices, and review practices to ensure they are as efficient and smart as possible
  • Receive positive feedback from colleagues and clients
  • Be curious, be innovative, ask questions, and challenge the status quo
  • Be seen as an integral part of Yoyo culture

B Corp

Yoyo are proud to be a certified B Corporation which means we are a business that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. 

Working for Yoyo as a B Corp offers our team the following benefits:

  • A sense of purpose
  • Being part of something bigger than one individual, bigger than the team, bigger than the company
  • Working for and alongside people who share the same values
  • A sense of constantly challenging ourselves, collectively and individually, to be better
  • A sense of pride to ‘wear the B Corp badge’
  • Regular opportunities to support the local community
  • Knowledge that everything we do, buy, use, consume has the good of the environment in mind
Calvin Office

"Our most successful developers enjoy solving problems, and are always looking to learn and improve the way they approach them"

Calvin Davis – Head of Development

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