Senior Sitecore Developer

The role of the Senior Sitecore developer is to work closely with the Yoyo team and our clients, to deliver on their vision and build experiences with impact.

What you'll do

  • Use a range of technologies (primarily Sitecore) to develop new website and application solutions, and maintain and enhance existing solutions
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the digital landscape and a love for technology
  • Understand our clients, their business, preferences and needs
  • Establish a clear and efficient internal dialogue with the Delivery Team 
  • Work collaboratively across the whole Yoyo team
  • Effectively manage and coordinate a team of internal and external developers to deliver multiple work streams simultaneously
  • Lead the interviewing and onboarding of additional Sitecore developers and/or contractors

What we need

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, to build strong colleague and client relationships at all levels
  • Proven track record of successfully developing website and application solutions
  • An awareness of frontend web technologies and build tools (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NPM, Sass, TypeScript, and Webpack)
  • Knowledge and experience with backend web technologies, specifically ASP.NET, WebForms, MVC.NET, and C#
  • Knowledge and experience with Sitecore
  • Knowledge of database software, especially MSSQL
  • Knowledge of development software, specifically Visual Studio
  • Knowledge and experience with version control systems, specifically Git (Bitbucket and GitHub)
  • Knowledge and experience of website standards, specifically accessibility and SEO
  • Experience of interviewing and onboarding Sitecore developers

Agency life

  • Be an active part of the Yoyo family and participate in agency wide meetings (e.g. Town Hall, Company meetings) 
  • Be part and help with at least one of the internal activity teams (e.g. Huddl, Refresh, Shft)
  • This role is based in our Tunbridge Wells office but we can offer local remote working options and flexible hours

How you'll do well

  • Positive feedback from internal and external teams 
  • Regularly demonstrate efficient/smart working practices
  • Be curious, be innovative, ask questions, challenge the status quo
  • Be seen as an integral part of Yoyo culture

B Corp

Yoyo are proud to be a certified B Corporation which means we are a business that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. 

Working for Yoyo as a B Corp offers our team the following benefits:

  • A sense of purpose
  • Being part of something bigger than one individual, bigger than the team, bigger than the company
  • Working for and alongside people who share the same values
  • A sense of constantly challenging ourselves, collectively and individually, to be better
  • A sense of pride to ‘wear the B Corp badge’
  • Regular opportunities to support the local community
  • Knowledge that everything we do, buy, use, consume has the good of the environment in mind

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