B Corp digital agency

As one of the first UK B Corp digital agencies, you can be confident that we share your passion for purpose

We have made a legally binding commitment to manage the business using the triple bottom line: Profit, People, and the Planet.

In the past, we didn't have the right language to convincingly describe what we believe in: doing right by people and achieving meaningful things in the world. 

Over the years, when advisors talked about profit, we talked about how to bring more happiness and fulfilment into our daily lives, how we could inspire the next generation of digital talent, how much engagement our latest client campaign generated, or our latest fundraising adventures.

Our confidence grew, as the business grew.

But we were still lacking a unified language to bring the business together around these different values. Until we officially became part of the hugely exciting, global movement of the B Corp community. 

What is B Corporation?

A B Corporation is a business that balances purpose and profit, and one legally required to consider the impact of its decisions on employees, customers, suppliers, its community and the environment.

"B Corp certification turns the ambiguous concepts of "going green" or "being a good corporate citizen" into something tangible and measurable that people can identify, trust, and support."


What does this mean for Yoyo?


Looking after our people. They are the most important part of the business. And the business needs to work for and look after all of us.


Investing in our community. What we call home. We need to keep nurturing, learning from and investing in it.


Going further for our clients. The work we deliver to our clients has meaning and we need to continue to offer this value to the world.


Empowering our suppliers. We want our suppliers to subscribe to the same values as us, so we continue to empower them to do so.


Taking care of our environment. We want to minimise the impact we have on our world so we implement activities that reverse some of the damage we cause.


Honouring our legal commitment. We have made a legally binding commitment to manage the business using the triple bottom line: Profit, People and the Planet.

"B Corps are leaders of a global movement of people using business as a force for good."


How to become certified?

Obtaining B Corporation certification was a mammoth undertaking requiring months of late nights and relentless focus. It took a lot of soul searching and reflection and involved every single one of our team.

It’s essentially broken down into two parts:

1. Our impact and performance

We went through a rigorous impact assessment undertaken by B Lab in which we were measured and scored our impact to people and the planet. We were asked a huge range of questions in relation to our employees, our governance, our impact on the community, environment and our customers. In order to be certified, we needed to achieve a score of 80 across all the impact areas. So we were even more thrilled when we saw we had achieved an impact score of 100 on our first attempt. We will undergo a review every three years to ensure we continue to meet these exacting standards.

2. A legal change to our Governance

We amended our legally binding, existing governing documents to explicitly state that we now had to consider all stakeholders in our decision making. This includes employees, suppliers, clients and even our ecological footprint.

What are the Yoyo benefits?


We aspired to be B Corp certified because we wanted to be part of a community of leaders and innovators. We wanted to collaborate with the best, to build a network of like-minded businesses to support and grow alongside.

Strategy focus

The B Corp certification process is all-encompassing and touches on all aspects of our business. By committing to this rigorous process once every few years, we have clarity on where we can improve our business, where we can take things to the next level and plan strategically for the future to make us stronger.

Attracting talent

We know that the issues that B Corp tackles are close to the heart of many people. We want to ensure that we attract the best talent and that the values of the business reflect those of our employees.

"Verification is a rigorous process. It is not uncommon for companies to earn a reviewed score of less than 80 on their first assessment."


What are the client benefits?


We’ve always been about transparency in our business, with our clients and anyone we work with and with B Corp, it’s the same - our assessment, scoring and all the details are there for anyone to see. You can understand exactly the type of agency that you are working with.


You have clarity and peace of mind that our supply chain is ethical, that it strives to do good for our communities - no nasty surprises. We don’t shy away from scrutiny, we welcome it. This attitude permeates everything we do, we tackle challenges, collaborate, work and learn together.


There are plenty of agencies that like to talk the talk. At Yoyo, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. When we make promises, we deliver.

Pioneering spirit

The B Corp community provides us with benchmarks for what the best looks like. We are proud to be part of a small but growing movement with a pioneering spirit - we feel this reflects the way we approach our work and our partnerships.


Half of global consumers are "belief-driven," meaning they buy from companies who share their values, according to a 2017 Edelman Earned Brand study, which surveyed 14,000 people in 14 countries. By working with a B Corp certified company, you ensure you work with an agency that understands and aligns itself with consumers.

Being a B Corp business proves we’re not just in it for the money. It’s reassurance that we’re an authentic agency that has the right intentions.

As a B Corp, we get the opportunity to re-certify every three years and improve upon our previous score. In the two years in between, we are also legally required to write and publish an annual impact report for every financial year whilst certified. Our reports don't just measure and showcase the impact over the past year but they also make it clear how we intend to improve our impact in the future and our plans on how we tackle issues surrounding the climate crisis.

2021 Impact report

2022 Impact report

2023 Impact report

Becoming a B Corp has given us a framework and an incredible global community, to help us use our business as a force for good. We believe this is how all businesses should be run. Our goal is to grow this community, and learn from one another.

Jenny Kitchen - CEO

If you’re interested in the process or want to compare notes, email us, or get in contact with Jen here.