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'Think Experience' has been created to provide charities with the techniques, strategies and tools to design and deliver better websites and digital products.

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Retain focus, save money, see success

Yoyo has developed a free eBook to enable digital marketers to up-skill themselves, help debunk a few of the fears, and overcome some of the challenges surrounding digital projects within the charity sector.

Think Digital Charity eBook

Having listened to those working in the charity sector, we understand that although information exists on UX, websites, digital products and more, it’s rarely presented in the best way. We wanted to overcome this and present a series of individual chapters designed to act as your knowledgeable companion and help you on your journey to produce digital products.

What's in the series?

Think Experience contains straightforward, plain-talking, accessible, and actionable information, released by chapter over the next few months. Chapter 1, 2 and 3 are available to download immediately.

  • Chapter 1. Step away from the functionality spec
    Be goal focused and make objective decisions.

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  • Chapter 2. Users don’t care about your website
    Creating focused experiences for the goals of your users, not you. 

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  • Chapter 3. Don’t make this awkward
    Enabling frictionless interactions.

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  • Chapter 4. Wait - Come back!
    Creating experiences that carry on engaging.

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  • Chapter 5. Don’t be afraid to launch
    Walk before you run - creating evolving experiences. 

    Coming soon

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