Building strong relationships with your clients



Growing and maintaining long lasting relationships with clients is something that no doubt, all creative agencies continually strive towards. At Yoyo our focus is to make sure that whether you are a brand new client, or long-standing friend of ours, you have a first rate experience from the beginning to the end of your project.

So without giving all our secrets away, I wanted to share with you a few ways Yoyo goes about helping to keep our clients 100% happy!

We love our team.

Our team is one of our top priorities. We invest a huge amount of time making sure we have the right people in our company and that they not only have the right skills for the job, but with little effort, they can breathe our company wide values. Once we have the right people, we know our clients are in safe, friendly and skilled hands.

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We are your eyes.

Once you’ve been assigned a project team, we get to know you inside and out. All our Account Managers pride themselves on understanding their clients’ needs, likes/dislikes, pet hates, sweet spots etc. Sound a bit cringe? Good. Well it works. Gaining this insight allows us to make sure that before anything is released to our client, the work is of Yoyo standard, hits our client’s brief, needs and expectations. If it doesn’t – you won’t see it.

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We value your feedback.

All feedback is good feedback and we ask for it, regularly. During our Friday catch up emails summarising the week’s activities, we ask our clients to rate their weekly happiness. This allows us to directly respond to any ratings which make us feel you’re not 100% happy. To follow up, we’ll drop you a call or ask to go for a coffee so we can have an honest and open conversation to make sure we address any issues that you may be experiencing.

Needless to say, our 100% client happiness rating to date has meant that any coffee meetings can be focused on discussing current or upcoming creative or digital work and how best to continue to service our client needs.

To summarise:

  • A great team equals great quality, great fun and great working relationships.
  • Knowing your client and their expectations makes sure you can hit the brief.
  • Always allow your clients regular opportunities to feedback.

“Finally an agency that actually cares about you and your objectives! They go above and beyond to deliver what you need - no matter the budget or time frame. A fantastic team to work with too, each and everyone welcomes you with open arms so that even you feel like part of the Yoyo family.”

Client feedback, from The Drum's Recommended Agency Register (RAR)