A guide to: using Umbraco forms to turbo charge your marketing efforts

Here’s how Umbraco Forms can help you double down on your digital marketing efforts, to generate leads, and deliver value to both your customers and your business

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Forms are a tried and tested means to build your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), generate leads, and deliver value to both your customers and your business. That said, they aren’t easy to master. Here’s how Umbraco Forms can help you double down on your digital marketing efforts.

What is Umbraco Forms?

Umbraco is an open-source content management system (CMS) which powers over 700,000 active projects across the world for businesses of all types, sizes, and sectors, from charities and start-ups to FTSE 500 organisations. Put simply, Umbraco makes managing your website super easy and allows us, as a digital design agency, to design and build bespoke websites for our clients.

A beautiful digital experience goes a long way, but we know that lead generation, data collection and conversion make or break your marketing efforts. Thankfully, Umbraco has a solution for this too. Enter Umbraco Forms; a flexible, responsive, and easy-to-use form builder designed to effortlessly collect the data you need as marketers. From surveys and newsletter sign-ups to enquiry forms and conversational user interfaces, Umbraco Forms is capable of supporting the most specific use-cases with ease.

Let’s take a closer look at how Umbraco Forms can turbo charge your marketing efforts.

Test & learn

The beauty of Umbraco Forms is that, just like editing content within the Umbraco CMS, it doesn’t require coding expertise. Once you’ve been for a quick spin of the tool, you’re ready to go. 

No matter your role, Umbraco Forms allows you to select from a range of input fields, validation rules, and even conditions to build the forms you need to support your marketing efforts. This means that you can quickly make changes on the fly without a developer to iterate on your data capture methods and, with a test and learn approach, optimise your marketing efforts.

Plug and play

Gathering data is great, but we know that you’ve likely got it coming out of your ears. Directing it to the right places and the right people is the next step to getting the most out of your forms. Umbraco Forms has you covered as its flexibility allows you to simplify the most advanced workflows by sending emails, saving in CRMs and much more. 

Think Salesforce, Mailchimp, or Zapier; all third-party marketing platforms that you can hook up to your website and let Umbraco Forms do all the heavy lifting.  

Data, data, data

Regardless of where your customer data is coming from or where it’s going, you need oversight of how your forms are performing. 

Your data is no good unless you can analyse it in the way you need to. That’s why Umbraco Forms’ built-in reporting tool is pretty useful. If that doesn’t quite cut it, you can export your data for advanced processing in your software of choice.

Design, Design, Design

We know you love data but, let’s be honest, your customers won’t want to share theirs if they don’t want to. What we love about Umbraco Forms, aside from its usability and flexibility from a back-end perspective, is how it allows us to design front-end experiences that engage with and encourage users to interact with your forms. 

Umbraco Forms allows us to craft highly stylised forms that cater to you and your users’ needs. Whether you require a multi-step form to reduce cognitive load or a bespoke newsletter sign up component, Umbraco Forms enables us to seamlessly integrate forms into the Umbraco websites we build for our clients.

Without design, a form is just a form - a barrier to customer engagement and an underperforming element of your website. Forms are the engine under the bonnet of CMS which enables your marketing teams to deliver crucial return on investment from your website. Umbraco Forms, with its flexibility and seamless integration with your workflow and website, allows you to take full advantage of your digital presence and turbo charge your marketing efforts. 

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