A new look for ITV. A complete rebrand

One of the UK's biggest television networks unveils a new logo and bold rebrand.

Written by: Matt Sage

One of the UK's biggest Television networks ITV, has recently unveiled a new logo with all of the supporting channels for the rebrand to be rolled in January next year. The last time ITV had a rebrand was back in 2006 and it's starting to show its age already. I can see why they wanted a fresher new look for the brand, especially as the television market is always changing.

The logo is definitely an improvement on the current 'corporate' looking logo, it's a lot more fun, happy and seems to have huge potential for expanding across the rest of the brand. It supports the companies commitment to being at the "heart of popular culture" with the use of overlays and rounded typeface. I think the main element that is not working for me are the colours, though this an easy fix and I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the brand unfolds and is applied on our tv screens!

Read more about the changes over at Digital Spy

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