What are the benefits of building your new website in Umbraco?

In the process of developing a brand new website? Or just looking to switch to an alternative CMS? Umbraco benefits businesses of all sizes and types.

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As an Umbraco Agency, we understand the need for flexibility, security, ease of use, and reliability, and in this blog, we’ll take a more detailed look at some of those benefits – and others.

What are the benefits of using Umbraco?

Umbraco is used to create everything from simple ‘brochure-style’ websites to those with thousands of pages and highly complex capabilities. Not only is the CMS free to use, but it’s also secure, scalable, and flexible, with advanced SEO and API capabilities alongside a user-friendly interface:

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1. Free content management system

Umbraco is an open-source CMS, which means that clients need only pay for the design service by hiring a Umbraco web agency like Yoyo. After the website has been built, there are no additional licenses, fees, or ongoing monthly costs – although things like hosting and other certain specialised or customised functions may require a paid package.

Furthermore, since it’s an open-source platform, it can be seamlessly passed on to any Umbraco-experienced web designer, meaning clients aren’t tied to any one design agency.

Super simple content management

2. User-Friendly Interface

Drawing on its principles of Scandinavian simplicity, Umbraco technology is fast, intuitive and easy-to-use for designers, developers and marketers, while the user-friendly admin interface makes content management super-simple even for non-technical users, so those with basic browser skills can quickly learn to edit and maintain the site. 

Thanks to its built-in image library and editor, there’s no need for complex Photoshop knowledge; publishing changes take just a few clicks, so content management needn't become an onerous or full-time job.

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3. Scalable and Flexible

Umbraco can be fully customised to meet the needs of the business, giving organisations the freedom to customise a digital solution around any requirements, no matter how complex, - without compromising on performance. This range of flexible API integrations, plugins and feature extensions also make Umbraco an ideal choice for scaling businesses as they can be added and developed as the business grows and gives website administrators control over what gets added to the platform.

Even non-technical users find Umbraco intuitive

4. SEO and Marketing Friendly

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a way to increase visibility and traffic to a website via Google and other organic search engine results. While it forms an essential part of a business’s marketing success, ranking high on search engines comes down to strategic SEO implementation. 

Umbraco makes it easy to add technical features and elements as required so that SEO best practices are upheld and even the most non-technical users will find it intuitive to use with friendly reminders and prompts if elements such as headings and metadata are overlooked.

5. Ideal for content publication

Content is the foundation of every website and as soon as a site is live, clients want to feel in control of creating and publishing their own content, whether that’s a short blog post, new service or product pages or a more complex promotional video campaign. 

Through its wide range of content templates, Umbraco makes it easy to upload text, video and image blocks (via a built-in media library) using customisable styles and templates, designed for non-technical users with no HTML or coding know-how. Umbraco’s community of members and expert developers, meanwhile, are on hand at any time of day, so clients needn’t feel alone or unsupported.

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An unprecedented level of security

6. Security

Keeping a website safe from cyberattacks is paramount, especially for businesses that process sensitive information or highly secure data such as corporate, e-commerce, or governmental content. Umbraco is built on Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework which in itself provides an unprecedented level of security – higher than most other open-source development languages. 

Additional measures used to keep sites as secure as possible include the use of HTTPS with an SSL certificate, user account security through the use of passwords, platform updates and penetration testing to scan for common vulnerabilities.

7. Reliable CMS platform

Umbraco is used and trusted by global enterprises from start-ups and charities to FTSE/Fortune 500 companies with complex marketing demands - such as online gaming, ecommerce or user-generated content – and those which attract high volumes of user traffic. Umbraco can be relied upon to handle the hosting of large content bases for these businesses without compromising on security, speed or scalability.


A range of benefits

There are many ways to build websites but not all providers deliver on the range of benefits that Umbraco does.

As well as creating beautiful and engaging websites, Umbraco is a user-friendly CMS, designed for both technical and non-technical users, which will scale with the business to withstand growth and high volumes of traffic.

If you have learnt something new, gained some inspiration or just have a question around Umbraco Web Development or anything else, please do get in touch, you can email us at, we’re a friendly bunch.

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