5 different ways to think about AI in your digital marketing strategy


It's time to go beyond just ChatGPT...

There’s two words that seem unescapable recently. No, not England game - artificial intelligence (cue collective groans or cheers depending on which side of the AI fence you sit on).

But even if you’re firmly in the anti-AI camp and are perfectly happy with your life without Alexa, bear with us. Because it’s worth considering how AI could enhance your digital marketing strategy.

So let’s get into it…

1. Getting personal

AI does more than just let you chat to a speaker. When it comes to your marketing, artificial intelligence lets you take personalisation to a whole new level by analysing more data than we could dream of. All to help you better understand individual customer preferences, behaviours and demographics. 

Being able to understand your audience like never before means you can create content, offers and services that truly speak to them. Whether you decide to tailor your email campaigns, website experiences or promotional videos to these new insights, AI helps you create more meaningful digital interactions that connect with people on a deeper level.

2. Powerful predictions

Like the British weather, audience trends can often feel unpredictable. That’s where AI comes in. By analysing historical data faster than us human-folk ever could, AI algorithms can forecast future outcomes - we’re talking customer purchases, churn rates and campaign performance. Allowing you to make data-driven decisions, allocate your resources more effectively and optimise your marketing strategy. This kind of predictive analysis also helps you to connect with your audience by making sure you reach the right people at the right time, with the right message. Now that doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

3. Talk to me

Forget ChatGPT for a second, because there’s tonnes of other AI tools out there. And these clever lil’ systems can take care of a wide range of jobs for you - from filtering customer enquiries to providing instant responses. Freeing up time for you to focus on what you do best (the creative stuff). 

Yep, we’re talking about chatbots. But using one doesn’t mean the entire customer journey has to be AI-based, you can simply use a virtual chat assistant to gather some upfront info so you can help your client in the quickest way possible. 

Chatbots help you to reach those lukewarm prospects who are interested in what you do but perhaps not quite ready to pick up the phone or click ‘add to cart’. Like a side of fries, a chatbot is merely an extra option for your audience. So those who aren’t as keen can still reach out to you in other, more human, ways.

4. Automate it mate

What once felt like a minefield can suddenly seem simple with AI on your side. AI-driven advertising platforms are revolutionising ad targeting, bidding and creative optimisation. The likes of Google Ads, and Meta Ads now use machine learning algorithms to optimise your paid campaigns in real-time. So if you use these platforms, then you might already be tapping into the power of AI without even knowing it! 

By analysing user data, behaviour patterns and performance, they automatically adjust targeting parameters and tweak budget allocation - making sure your campaign is having the impact it needs. And automating those booooring, repetitive tasks, so your marketing team can have more time for strategy and creativity.

5. Your brainstorming buddy

ChatGPT might have got a bad name for itself, but that’s when people are using it to churn out content without so much as a proofread. However, if you’re really not a fan there’s plenty of alternatives out there - from Gemini (FKA Google Bard) to Anthropic Claud 3. Whichever you choose, you definitely shouldn’t get them to do all the leg work, but where they come in handy is initial brainstorming - not replacing the creative human process, but enhancing it. 

Use AI as a creative starter for ten, when you just need to get some digital marketing ideas down. And if the concepts it comes up with really are rubbish, that should give you a steer in itself. Sometimes knowing what you don’t want to say is more powerful than knowing what you do. 

We know AI can have some people feeling like they want to run for the hills and opt for life off grid, but we promise it’s not all as scary as it sounds. When used in the right way, AI can actually enhance human connection, not interrupt it. Carefully incorporating AI into your digital marketing strategy will help you to amplify your brand’s impact, and ultimately do more good. And that’s what we all want to see. 

If you’re not sure where to even start with AI, we’ve got you. We’re the B-corp certified brand and digital agency dedicated to creating and reshaping brands for good. And we’d love to chat about your digital marketing strategy and how we can support you to promote positive change through meaningful digital experiences.