Content – the C word that no one wants to talk about… But here’s why you should


If everything is apparently content, what does it even mean anymore? And crucially, how can we work out its value?

Ah content… Everyone’s favourite-worst C word has become somewhat unavoidable in recent years, used to describe everything from your favourite influencer’s Insta stories to Radio 4 documentaries.

But with so much today labelled as content, the term has become almost meaningless. If everything is apparently content, what does it even mean anymore? And crucially, how can we work out its value? We’ve got your back. As firm believers in using the C word, we’re here to explain why, when done right, content is far from meaningless. In fact it’s a powerful brand tool that can help you drive real growth and cultivate real change. 

Let’s start with what content actually is… 

To put it simply, content is information. And we all like that, right? Where content can get confusing is that it’s all lazily brushed under the same umbrella term, when actually there’s many different kinds. Here are the biggies: 

  • Written content - articles, blogs, newsletters

  • Visual content - all things image-based

  • Audio content - podcasts etc

  • Video content - TikTok anyone?

Now we’re clearer on what content is, here’s why we should be embracing it like the first pint on a Friday night.

Creating deeper connections

Good content tells stories. And what do stories do? Create connections. Yep, turns out our brains aren’t that different from our caveman ancestors’, and we still bond in the same way we did sat around fires thousands of years ago - through stories. 

Evoking emotions, encouraging empathy and inspiring action, stories are exactly what change-making brands like yours need. Whether it’s a video with a clear message or web copy with a narrative arc, these stories humanise your brand. Proving that you’re not just your product or service, but a vehicle for change and progress. And forging deeper connections with existing clients and potential prospects alike.

Setting you apart 

What’s given the C word a bad rep, is lazy content. But carefully thought out and meticulously crafted content is invaluable - setting you apart from your competitors by reflecting who your brand really is. Got a value of sustainability? Reflect it in your visuals. Believe in corporate social responsibility? Create a video about it.  

But make sure you’re crafting the type of content that your target audience enjoys. Perhaps they love podcasts or maybe they’re article addicts. Whatever it is, showing up on the platforms they use in a format they consume means that you can share your unique mission and value with them in a way which they’ll genuinely find engaging.

Providing real value 

Content gives you a chance to, not just sell yourself, but actually help people. Just like your brand solves your audience’s problems, your content should too. Consider what questions your clients are asking and try to create content that answers them. Remember, unlike your break up, it’s about them not you.  

Educating audiences 

Focus on why you exist. You believe change is possible and sure, some people might already agree with you, but not everyone does. That’s where content comes in - giving you an opportunity to educate a wider audience about what your brand cares about, and why they should too. You can use content of all kinds to shed light on the challenges you’re addressing, the root causes behind them and your proposed solution.

For those who already support your brand’s purpose, expand their knowledge with educational infographics and insight-filled articles. This will empower your existing audience, nurture their loyalty and encourage them to become brand advocates. Did we mention it will position you as a reliable authority in your sector, too? Not too shabby, eh?

Inspiring action

But awareness alone isn’t enough, it’s action we need. Luckily, content primes people for this. Great content can be a catalyst for change - turning people from passive observers into active participants, and motivating your audience to take meaningful steps towards the better world we all want to see. 

So make sure you’re encouraging next steps by embedding calls to action throughout your social posts, newsletters and videos. And ensure your audience’s journey to them is smooth. For example, if you’re encouraging action through social media content, make sure your bio and links are all up-to-date. 

Building community

Yep, we know some may say community is just another buzzword, but you can believe the hype on this one. Particularly for change-making brands like yours, community really is key. 

No matter where you share your content, you have an opportunity to bring like-minded people together. Allowing your audience to connect in the comment section of your videos, across your social media accounts or even on a dedicated website fosters a sense of belonging. Cultivating loyal communities of supporters who are passionate about the same things your brand is. This open dialogue doesn’t just benefit your customers, but allows you to gather more insights to inform future content and business decisions. It’s kind of a win-win.

Measuring impact 

While we love a story, sometimes data is what you need. Well guess what? Offering insights into engagement, reach and impact, content’s got you covered. Today’s analytics tools make tracking the performance of your content simple. Giving you valuable stats about what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t, so you can craft even more effective content.   

So forget all the C word critics, because content is an amazing way to amplify your brand’s impact.

It’s not just the initial engagement you’ll drive - the best content gets shared time and time again, turning prospects into fans and growing your audience (and your brand) organically. The good news is it can easily be repurposed, too. From turning whitepapers into shorter blogs to resharing infographics with more recent stats, investing time into crafting quality content now gives you a foundation for the future. 

But if you need a little support knowing where to start, that’s why we’re here. We’re a B Corp certified branding and digital agency crafting award winning brands, websites and digital campaigns for brilliant purpose driven brands and charities, and we’d love to chat.  

Need a helping hand when it comes to the copy for your content instead? Make sure you check out our pals over at the Creative Copywriter. From email newsletters to podcasts scripts, they craft copy-based content of all kinds (and they’re pretty bloomin’ amazing at it).