Everyone’s talking about Umbraco 8

Are you up to date with the latest features and benefits Umbraco 8 has to offer?


Umbraco 8 has arrived!

A major update of our much-loved CMS platform has been launched and with it comes an array of great new features. Our developer Alvaro does some digging and shares his thoughts on the new updates along with a few of our team revealing their favourite features too.

Why use Umbraco?

It’s no secret that Umbraco is our CMS of choice. On a day to day basis, it provides our team and clients with a range of useful features such as:

It’s fully customisable

This allows our design and development teams to really push the boundaries with their creativity and forget about restrictions. For example, take our recent project: A Story About Trusts, Umbraco made it possible to allow even the most technical particle feature on the site to be handled entirely through the CMS.

Managing and creating content is easy

With a totally user-friendly back end interface, Umbraco provides flexibility for our clients to create, draft and schedule posts at any given date or time. With some of our editors posting large quantities of content each day, this feature allows them to structure and manage their content and helps them hit their deadlines with ease.

Regular Maintenance

Umbraco releases a new update around every 2 weeks. This includes new features, fixes, and updates that are continually improving the platform.

It’s free and brilliant!

Umbraco comes in two flavours. Free if you want to host it yourself and love your DIY. Or the Umbraco Cloud version which offers 24/7 support, hosting, and automatic patch updates. Not to mention the 14-day free trial provided to allow you to try before you buy.

Not bad, right? If you want more detail, we’ve explored this in another recent post, so take a look.

What’s new with version 8?

Infinite editing

With infinite editing, you can edit and update everything in the same place without having to keep revisiting your content. This is hugely time-saving for both content editors and developers.

Being able to not lose the context of where you were previously when you want to perform tasks such as editing an image in the media library or viewing a document type from a content node is a time saver and a fantastic quality of life update to the back office
Tom (Alfie) Gaskill, Developer, Yoyo

Content Apps

You now have the power to make your back office really work with your content, from having page relevant Google Page Speed Insights to getting SEO feedback for your content.

Insights! I love being able to see how reader-friendly my content is and to be reminded to use the right keywords in my copy. These little touches make a big difference.
Harriet Kinsey, Marketing Manager, Yoyo


You can now manage multiple language versions easily, no third party packages, no workarounds. Great right? When editing you can even have both languages side by side leaving you to totally focus on translating.


Umbraco V8 is FAST. All these new features, yet still it's remarkably faster. Tick.

Extra touches

For developers, the version 8 'Log Viewer' is much more intuitive and saves our dev team huge amounts of time when it comes to bug fixing.

As a developer I tend to spend a lot of time in the error logs of a website, trying to track down bugs. The version 8 'Log Viewer' has a really fresh and fun UI and powerful searching features that makes finding something specific in the logs a piece of cake.
Calvin Davis, Head of Development, Yoyo


Removing the left side navigation and placing it at the top of the page has hugely increased the user experience leaving it feeling more spacious, clean, friendly and even more easy to navigate.

I'm really happy to see that the menu bar is now along the top. It’s much better user experience and allows the content editing to be full width.
Hannah Smith, Project Manager, Yoyo

OK, I’m sold, so how do I upgrade?

If you’re using Umbraco currently, you have two options:

Continue to use Umbraco 7

This will still be supported on Cloud and they will still provide you with the necessary updates with regards to bug and security fixes. The last date Umbraco 7 sites are supported on Umbraco Cloud will be September 30th, 2023. So there’s no need to panic. However, as we like to keep our client sites up to date, all Yoyo sites will be built using Umbraco 8 moving forwards.

Migrate & Update

Due to this being a pretty significant update, you’re going to need a little help from our team to migrate your site manually over to Umbraco 8. If you have a retainer with us, just get in contact and we will book you in and manage the migration for you entirely. If not, we can still help, just drop us an email and we’ll provide you with a one-off estimate for the development work required.

That's it!

So that sums up the new features in Umbraco 8 for you and how you can go about getting an update. Once you’re up and running we look forward to hearing your feedback on it too!

If you have any questions we haven’t covered, please feel free to give us a call or email and we’ll be happy to help answer them.


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