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How we incorporate our B Corp values into our website design and development process


Putting people first is a core principle of being a B Corp, and when it comes to creating websites that engage and excite, the crossover is clear. We take a human-centred approach to design, so that experiences are intuitive and feel natural. Prioritising usability, accessibility, and inclusion not only makes for great user experience, but also reinforces our commitment to do right by people. And though it’s nothing new, it’s only becoming more important. For every website we craft, we carry out extensive discovery and definition, to make sure that we truly understand the needs of the client, the business, and their users.

When you put people at the heart of things, or frame things from a more human perspective, you can almost always find a better way. You’ll make connections. You’ll build confidence. You’ll collaborate and grow as a community.

Jenny Kitchen - CEO, Yoyo


Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword to us: it’s a guiding principle that informs how we work and what we create. From opting for colours that are easier on your screen; to optimising code for energy efficiency and reusability; to delivering green hosting solutions, we embrace eco-friendly practices at every phase of the development process. It’s never a tradeoff between design and sustainability because we believe that the two go hand in hand - what’s good for the planet is good for people too. For instance, an overly complex website means more convoluted user journeys, which means more energy is required to run it, leaving nobody happy.

I always remember the story in 2014, 14-year-old Suvir Mirchandani from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania found that he could save his school $21,000 a year – simply by changing the font they used on their hand-outs to Garamond. This methodology is exactly the same principle for digital.

Gregg Lawrence - Creative Director, Yoyo


More and more consumers are “belief-driven”, meaning they choose to buy from companies who share their values. When you work with an organisation that’s B Corp certified, you’re working with an organisation that understands, prioritises, and aligns itself with what’s important to you. Put simply, our aim is to help you achieve your purpose - we help to realise the ambitions of brands and causes that promote positive change, and make sure that their purpose shines through. To keep purpose at the core of our work, we work closely with our clients to build a strong partnership, where we can offer fresh perspectives - even if this challenges pre-existing beliefs.

B Corps commit to positively impact all stakeholders – workers, communities, customers, and our planet

B Lab UK

What next?

B Corp certification is a journey, not a destination. Doing good has always been our modus operandi at Yoyo, and our B Corp certification gives us both the framework to do so, as well as the legal commitment to follow through.

Our UX and sustainability audits can help you review how well your website is working for people and the planet respectively, leaving you with a roadmap of actionable improvements.

If you’re interested in making your digital presence more inclusive and eco-friendly, why not get in touch with a member of the team today?