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Design that makes a difference

Good design is what people see and use. Great design is what people remember and talk about.

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What we offer

Our design team is focused on delivering the best brand experience

Audiences demand a lot more from brands today. Competition is fierce and customers want relevant, useful experiences that make them feel good. Producing design that delivers the goods is a challenge we relish. As some of the biggest brand junkies out there, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Yoyo's  design team in action

Good design is both an art and a science. It starts with gaining a sound knowledge of the context you're working in and understanding your brand’s unique position within it. But design never exists in isolation, so we’ll craft each piece to complement your other communications and enable you to build a great relationship with your audience.

Design is also a process, so, before anything goes live, we’ll put our concepts to the test in the real world, refining them as we go. Our aim is to breathe life into your ideas and ambition making it usable, pleasurable, and above all, memorable.

Core skills

We adopt a multi-disciplined design approach to offer solutions across any channel

Website design
Art direction
Brand design
Branded communications
Visual design
User interface design (UI)
User experience design (UX)
Rich media

“Right from the beginning Yoyo displayed a real understanding of what we were looking to achieve with this campaign. They have demonstrated creative integrity as well as providing day to day support and guidance with the microsite development and functionality. We have developed a great working relationship with the Account Team which will almost certainly help us to achieve our ultimate target of funding the build of the new Shannon relief boat.”


Let us help you achieve creative stand-out. We’re bubbling over with energy and ideas.