User Experience

We build intuitive experiences with a human-centred approach to design.

Our User Experience Designers are you and your users’ best friends. They are inquisitive and both small-detail and big picture-oriented by nature; keen to get to the core of your business’ and users’ needs.

Utilising best practice, keeping up with trends and always searching for the next best thing; our toolbox of methods and methodologies means they are well-placed to help you solve complex challenges and deliver user experiences that tell stories of customer satisfaction and loyalty. From underperforming campaign landing pages to launching new digital products, our user-centred expertise is there to guide you every step of the way.

User research

Really get to know your audience.

Mitigate risk, supercharge your digital experiences and really get to know your audience, with a user-centred approach to design. We get under the hood of your online experiences from your target users’ perspective.

Utilising research methods like user interviews, analytics reviews, persona creation and discovery workshops, we boil qualitative and quantitative data down into actionable insights that facilitate impactful design decisions and drive value for you and your users.

Usability review

Digital experiences kept in check.

Our usability review draws on industry-recognised design heuristics and our carefully curated usability principles to identify quick wins, prioritise site improvements and generate a clear road map for your team to reach your goals. This delivers recommendations to address pain points and help to optimise your user experience.

Experience design

Translate insights into reality.

Our UX designers are on hand to visualise your site’s content hierarchy, map the relationship between pages, and identify gaps and opportunities to continually elevate your digital experience. Their focus will be to delight your users with every single click.

User testing

Test your design decisions.

You are not your users and neither are we. It's vital to test design decisions with members of your target audience to ensure you meet their needs. Avoiding user testing will only cost you time and money.

We conduct moderated and unmoderated testing, remote and in-person providing you with the best opportunity to optimise your digital experience and delight your users.

A/B testing

Use real data to support your ideas.

If you have an idea for a new feature or change but want real data to support your ideas, then A/B testing is for you. Why not challenge your users with live experiments? A/B testing can improve your conversion rate and reduce your bounce rate.

We love the ‘always-on’ approach to optimisation and testing design as it results in you making data-informed decisions.

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