Kent developer Meetups



It was after attending my first conference about 2 years ago that I started to understand what a developer community looked like.

It was fantastic to see so many like minded people in one place, sharing ideas and conversing on all manner of developer related concepts. We then started to attend more monthly meetups which was great, but there was one slight issue. They were usually always in London, not the end of the world but could sometimes be inconvenient. So I decided to try and fill the gap for Kent and started my first meetup.

That was a year and a half ago, and now there are two monthly meetups (I might be a glutton for punishment). This short post should fill you in on the details of both of them.

Both events follow a similar foundation. We want to encourage conversation and discussions, so whilst we do have speakers, the idea is that if at any point you have a question you can ask it. No waiting for the end of the talk when you have forgotten what you were going to ask. All skill levels are welcome and there is no such thing as a bad question.

Front End Kent (previously Internet Explorers)

Front End Kent

When: 2nd Tuesday every month

Focused at Front End web developers, we talk about a wide range of topics from SVG’s to Progressive Web Apps. Each month alternates between a talk led event at The House on Monson Road, and a more casual meetup at Sankeys pub, both in Tunbridge Wells.


Kent Umbraco Meetup

Kent Umbraco Meetup

When: 4th Tuesday every month

Developers, project managers, content editors, designers you name it, if you work with the Umbraco CMS, you’re welcome. We cover all areas of Umbraco from packages, hosting solutions, code etc. Each month we meet at the Yoyo HQ on Calverley Road in Tunbridge Wells.


Call for speakers

We are always on the hunt for speakers, If you’ve never spoken and want to give it a go, these meetups are a great start as they are fairly intimate and everyone is super friendly. If you’re interested please get in touch by emailing [email protected]. If you would like some help with your talk just let us know.