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Web performance is a topic that has been discussed for many years, with numerous companies investing substantial time and money to shave off a few milliseconds of load time. Those few milliseconds can often lead to vast improvements in user response, from fewer page abandonments, to improved e-commerce revenue.

It’s a topic that doesn’t just cover how fast a page loads, but also how well it performs when a user is interacting with it. I think most people are familiar with landing on a website with so many ads that you can’t scroll the page without your browser nearly crashing. How about when you’re on your phone and you have to wait 30 seconds to view a page with some text and a few images.

At the next Internet Explorers meetup on the 14th of March, we’ll be looking into some of the many approaches a developer can take to improve performance when building a website.

We are currently on the lookout for some speakers so if you have a performance related talk (or even if you don’t and just have an idea you want to share/discuss) let us know at

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