Yoyo Presents: 'Talkin' bout iGeneration'



I’ve been asked to speak at Yoyo’s newly launched event series “Yoyo presents” at the end of the month. I’m very humbled to be featured in a lineup that includes speakers from the RNLI and Charities Aid Foundation as well as FanBytes and COIN Research.

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We’re exploring Generation Z, the “don’t pigeonhole us” generation, otherwise known as the iGeneration-post-millennial-plurals. On the day we’ll be exploring what charities from any sector should be considering in order to create engagement with their future potential supporters, volunteers, fundraisers, ambassadors, beneficiaries and employees and how to maintain a connection for years to come.

I’m going to be looking at a topic that I think could be a real challenge facing any charity, any charity suddenly thrust into the limelight that is. I was thinking about the ALS Association, the now well-known charity who undertake research and provide amazing support to those affected by the deeply tragic motor neurone disease. In 2014 the world’s attention was captured by the simple, but effective and hugely viral ice-bucket challenge - so much so that the charity went on to raise over $130 million.

Undoubtably, celebrity involvement from individuals like Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah, Bill Gates and David Beckham catapulted this campaign into the mainstream and enabled so many people to become aware of the cause and get involved (here’s all the celebs who took part courtesy of Fast Company, https://goo.gl/oWudl5)

My thinking has now turned to what a charity facing a similar situation would do next - because this could actually be a challenge any charity could face, not with the funds raised, but what do they do to try and retain long-term support following a flash-in-the-pan campaign where annual supporter engagement was up by nearly 500% (when you compare income of $23m in 2013).

Viral by its very nature is unplanned (often desired, but definitely uncontrollable) and as all charities look at creative ways to fundraise and create engagement then there’s every chance we’ll all be wearing our pants on the outside of our trousers at some point soon.

But what about when it’s all over, and we’ve all moved on? I’ve tasked myself with responding to a faux brief during our event, where I’m going to be calling on the strategic and creative skills of Yoyo to pitch our response to a conundrum that could face any marketing department in the future “How do we engage with (youth) audiences in a post-viral challenge world? AKA What do we do now?”.

I’ll be presenting my thinking with the aim to share strategic thinking with some dabs of creativity, focused on long-term activity to drive engagement and advocacy.

Places are limited so if you’re interested in coming along please do click here for more details and secure your place.