Mike’s doing a talk at this year’s Umbraco UK Festival!



Back in June when some of us were attending CodeGarden (Umbraco’s annual developer conference/festival) we received a pleasant surprise when we found out that one of our websites, RunTogether, had been nominated for the jurys award. After the initial shock wore off and I spoke to a couple of other attendees about the website it got me thinking that there is probably a talk in there about how some of the features of the site work.

So, one thing led to another and after figuring out a rough idea for a topic I submitted a talk for this years Umbraco UK Festival. After running two meetups each month for a while now I have some experience in talking in front of people, but this will be the first major event I will be talking at. I’m both excited and nervous, so just the right mix to get my adrenaline pumping.

A little preview

Part of the RunTogether site included building a set of CRUD APIs that would be used by a third-party CRM to manage user created content. My talk will be going through a real world example of how we accomplished this, along with the various problems we had to solve along the way.

This includes things such as:

  • Creating an API to provide a third-party CRM CRUD abilities
  • Providing model/data that matches a document type that may change
  • Restricting access to certain types of users
  • Providing users the ability to preview both published and saved changed outside of the Umbraco backoffice

Ill also be looking at how we used the following Umbraco APIs:

  • UmbracoApiController
  • ContentService
  • ContentTypeService
  • DataTypeService
  • MediaService

I’m looking forward to both attending and speaking at my first Umbraco UK Festival. For more information about the event and to get tickets you can go to umbracofestival.co.uk. I hope to see you there.