My Experience as a Yoyo Intern



My internship at Yoyo was certainly one of my most invaluable experiences to date. I applied for the role through the University of Kent Employability Points Scheme and was thrilled when I was chosen as their Summer Intern. Having studied Multimedia Technology & Design at university, I was a bit nervous about going into a marketing role as I believed everything was going to be new to me.

I remember my first day there, arriving in Tunbridge Wells well before 9:00 am, and then making my way to the office. I remember noticing how cool and eclectic the studio looked - from the drawings on the huge chalkboard wall to the bike rack in the corner. I quickly settled in and spent the rest of the morning being briefed on what I would be working on in my new role as Marketing Assistant. I simply couldn't believe how warm and friendly everyone was and I was instantly made to feel like a part of the team.

Over the course of my internship, I was given a lot of responsibility accompanied by lots of support from the team, and the nervousness I once felt died down pretty quickly. I was in charge of managing the company’s social media pages; copywriting for the website blog, LinkedIn and direct marketing emails; and creating and distributing the company’s monthly newsletters. I was also responsible for recruiting local schools and agencies for Digital Day 2016.

The most exciting project I worked on was planning the company summer party in London. Although it was a bit daunting at first, I had immense support from Emily, the Marketing Manager. Fortunately, the day went very smoothly and turned out to be great fun!

From Cake Break on Wednesdays to the Friday team lunch tradition, Yoyo was an exciting place to work, and it was especially amazing to be surrounded by so much creativity everyday. In just 3 months, I gained so many valuable skills: I learnt how to liaise with clients, use new software, negotiate better, and manage budgets, to name a few. I also improved my research, writing, creative thinking and idea generation skills, all of which will be extremely useful in my next job role. Beyond this, I understand so much better how an agency is run and the diversity of roles within one. I also got the chance to grow my network and was exposed to the digital scene as I attended various industry events.

Interning at Yoyo gave me a much better understanding of where my professional interests lie, allowed me to realise what my strengths and weaknesses are, and made me more confident in my abilities. It has certainly placed me on the path to building my future career.

Thank you Team Yoyo!