Diving into the world of animation



If you know me, then you’ll know I’m passionate about illustration. Creepy little characters are my signature style. Bringing those creepy little characters to life has always been the dream, but I’ve kind of put this on the backburner. Then Boom! Along came Yoyo and I’m being encouraged to learn all this cool stuff and develop new skills.

The thought of learning After Effects seemed so daunting to me, so how do you conquer your fear of learning a new program and skill? Well, I don’t have the perfect answer for that, but what I have learnt from my time at Yoyo is just to take the plunge. That and Skillshare, plus it might help to be surrounded by great designers too!


Skillshare is great resource for quality tutorials from other designers and professionals in different crafts. Each lesson is split into a series of 10-minute chunks, encouraging you to work as you complete each section.


So without further ado, here’s a collection of experiments I’ve been playing around with recently and their stories.

Getting started 

This was one of my first experiments in After Effects. Keeping it simple, just playing around with basic shapes and effects. Pretty quickly I realised the possibilities within After Effects are so vast, from subtle logo animations to complex motion graphics.


Logo animation

After that it was only natural that I tried something out with the Yoyo logo. This ended up on our Dribbble page, which you should definitely be following.


Experimenting with quick illustrations

Matt and I challenged ourselves to a quick design-off yesterday. The challenge: five minutes, 1 random icon illustration. Soon after this little skull was born. I returned to mine to try animating the paths.

Something I’ve picked up on from the design team is that you need to learn by doing, but also learn by discovering. If something isn’t working then find out how it’s been done before.


Ernie the dude

Last but not least, I tested the new the Rubberhose plugin to rig and animate a quick character. Meet Ernie, he’s not squeaky clean – just a fun experiment. Using Rubberhose is the way forward for character rigging. Using the plugin’s ‘hoses’ helps to eliminate the need for puppet pins, a messier, more traditional method.


The fun part of learning a new skill, specifically something you‘re passionate about, is that you look forward to practicing and experimenting with any spare second you get.

Here’s to more animations in 2017.