Think Experience



Sometimes it’s good to sit back and think about how you want to approach the work you do and the impact you can make. Over the 10 years that Yoyo has been creating brands and digital products for clients from every walk of life -  the way we planned, designed and delivered work has changed. From the early days of flash websites to responsive sites that sit across multiple devices - the way that people interact and engage with businesses has changed drastically. 

For us, as people using technology have evolved, we have had to evolve our thinking and processes to keep ahead of the curve. A lot of this work happens internally behind the scenes, and over the years has been a major investment for us. We constantly challenge ourselves and our team to focus on the people using and consuming the work that we deliver - always focusing on the humans behind the technology.

With all this change however, one thing has remained consistent - people want to be delighted, engaged and helped by the products that they interact with. The human need for ease of use, for filling goals they need to meet and desire to enjoy the experience have always been, and are still there. 

Instead of keeping all that knowledge hidden within the studio we have decided it is best shared with the world. Since a large number of our clients recently have been charities we wanted to know how we could give something back to that community. Think Experience is our playbook that shows the underlying principles and techniques that we use to approach all our projects. 

We believe that by giving this information away, we can help these often under resourced teams learn the digital skills to ensure that the money that they are donated and granted can be used as effectively as possible. We want to help underpin solid UX and Experience design principles within Digital teams everywhere - and in true Yoyo style provide it in an easy to consume, actionable way. 

“We hope you enjoy this eBook - it’s an accumulation of nearly a decade of blood, sweat, tears and beers.”

The Yoyo team