Let’s walk the walk



Here at Yoyo, we’ve recently become obsessed with steps! Not the British dance-pop group formed back in the 90s, although I’m sure there’s a secret Steps fan in the office somewhere. No, we mean the 10,000 steps we’re advised to do each day to improve our health.

Back in January, we had a little idea to get the agency moving a bit more. We thought about giving everyone gym membership or setting up classes with a personal trainer, but then we thought…instead of the usual corporate benefits offered by companies, we’d do something a little bit different…in true Yoyo style.

After looking around at the office, it turned out that most people didn’t own a fitbit. We therefore decided we’d give a fitbit to everyone that wanted one and at the same time create a little competition amongst the agency, to see who could reach the most number of steps each month. We also thought that we’d split the agency into teams, combining team members steps to see which team reached the most steps every 3 months.

After announcing the idea at our last company meeting, the response was fantastic. We have since created a group leaderboard and have organised a weekly group walk around Tunbridge Wells, to help get those steps up! Here’s a few photos from last weeks walk.

Yoyo employees walking through Calverley Grounds

The benefits of getting out are not only about physical fitness; firstly it’s about improving your mental health. As most of us do, working in an office under artificial light all day isn’t healthy, so it’s highly beneficial to get outdoors in natural light. It’s also about stimulating the mind and getting to chat to someone who you may not normally chat to.

So if you’re local and you see a group of crazy fitbit walkers, give us some encouragement and a wave, or better still come and join us!