A client experience to fall in love with



Something interesting is happening.

Is it me or has there been a wave of disruptive companies who have managed to make their customers love them almost overnight? What’s their secret? And why have they been so successful? It’s quite simple really. It comes down to understanding your customers, and I mean really understanding your customers. Once you know what your customers want you can then provide a product or service which they’ll fall in love with.

Understanding Uber.

Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, has re-invented the way you get a taxi. They’ve made the experience of booking a taxi customer oriented, allowing the customer to track their vehicle while en route, giving them real-time updates on the driver's location and estimated time of arrival. The expected price for the journey is also given before the journey, allowing the customers to sit back, relax and to enjoy the ride (instead of watching the meter go up and up). Uber thought about the customer, what was failing with traditional taxi services and how they could offer a superior service. Now the company has become so successful, instead of saying “shall we get a taxi” you’ll hear people say “shall we get an uber”.

Get it tomorrow, choose Amazon Prime.

Amazon, the world largest e-commerce company, is another great example of a company who has understood its customers and the way we shop. What is particularly interesting about Amazon, aside from being able to get anything you could possibly think of at the click of the mouse or tap of the finger, is the introduction of Amazon Prime. Now customers can order and receive what they have purchased, the very next day with no shipping costs. Something which Amazon knew customers loved.

Going one step further.

When Amazon Prime was introduced, users would sign-up for a 3 months trial and then automatically pay for a years subscription. This at the time annoyed a lot of customers who claimed they didn’t realise that after the 3 months trial, a year subscription would be charged. What Amazon did brilliantly was to offer all users who didn’t want to continue their Amazon Prime subscription, a full refund. In fact, now when you finish your 3-month trial without cancelling and automatically start paying for Amazon Prime, you can still choose the option to get a refund on the month you started paying if you forgot to cancel. Amazon also makes it easy to return or exchange an item. Amazon is all about the customer experience, and have continued to evolve the customer experience with their driverless vehicles and drones.

Gousto and Hello Fresh. No excuses not to cook now.

The likes of Gousto and Hello Fresh are also great examples of understanding the customer. There’s been a movement in cooking fresh healthy meals for some time now, but often the time and know-how to do this has put people off. Gousto and Hello Fresh have made it really easy for anyone to create tasty meals without the need to feel intimidated by complicated recipes or the hassle of going to get all the ingredients. Once it’s made easy, cooking can become enjoyable again and I know of couples who will now fight over who will cook.

So do our clients love us?

I'd like to think so. At Yoyo, we like to go above and beyond for our clients. It's important for us to not only create awesome relationships with our clients but long-lasting partnerships. Operating in an extremely competitive industry, we need to ensure we deliver the best possible experience to make sure prospective clients and existing clients choose to work with Yoyo. It’s a given that we need to be creative, but thinking outside the box and delivering exceptional brands, products and experiences to help our clients engage with their audience is what will make us stand out. That, and being a reliable, safe pair of hands who are simple to work with.

‘Keep it simple’ is a motto which hangs up on our agency wall and is continuously referred back to when refining our processes, communications, and developing strong client relationships.

So that’s what we’ll do, we’ll keep it simple. We’ll keep creating beautiful brands, products, and experiences to help our clients engage with their audiences and make sure they love them too.