Our brand new website



Over the past few years, our agency has grown in loads of different ways. Not just in size and client portfolio, but in terms of the services we offer and the much improved processes that we’ve introduced across the business. Through this growth, our positioning within the industry has changed and our website needed to catch up with the times. The old site worked really well for us from a design perspective, but from a CMS and technology perspective, it was pretty outdated; more importantly, it just simply didn’t reflect where we are as an agency. Therefore, we decided to rethink every nook and cranny, and completely revamp our website.

We approached this like any other client project. We started the process with a Discovery workshop to identify the key objectives for our audience and the business - hugely helping us to keep focused on what really mattered. Moving onto the solutions stage, this involves UX, creative and tech coming together to map out the site and to start to visualise some of the crucial pieces of functionality. The core values - Creative, Engaging, Insightful, Ambitious and Supportive - are spread throughout the site in the content, functionality, experience and aesthetics.

Our users are at the centre of any of our design. Our Director of Strategy and UX, Jan, says “It’s all about the types of things that ‘press their buttons’ so to speak. It’s a balance between delighting them and quickly giving them what they need.” But importantly however, we were inspired by the story we are trying to tell. We truly believe that you can change brands through design, which is the reason why Yoyo was started in the very beginning. One of our goals for the site was to communicate this through the creative design.

With increased user interaction and a clean, simple interface, our new website gives visitors a powerful introduction into the agency. As stated by Jan, “It was important to us to maintain a sense of playfulness, but to do this in a way we hadn’t seen before. The home slider animation is engaging for the user, and creatively passes across our core message.”

The work page has an entirely new layout; neatly presented, allowing visitors to quickly gauge our style through each case study. We also wanted to showcase the personality and culture of the team; using video in the ‘about us’ section gives the audience a taster of what the agency is like.

Image 1

As our service offering has grown, we needed to show and tell this story in a smart way. Hence, the services page gives visitors a detailed narrative on what we do, and how we work with our clients to get the best results.

Image 2 - Services

Our goals from a strategic standpoint were to improve the user experience, showcase our creativity in the website itself but also through our case studies, create content that frames the agency in the right way and lastly, to maintain our strong SEO rankings that have been built up over the years.

We prototyped all our ideas first, even the ones that were a bit too brave, and throughout the course of the project, there was constant testing and refinement to ensure we were keeping on track with these core goals.

Image 3 - work in progress

Collaboration was a massive part of this project - the whole team contributed to the brainstorming, design, development and content creation, as well as the testing and reviewing stages.

We hope that our visitors enjoy the experience as much as we enjoyed putting it all together.

Image 4 - collaboration