Exciting new project with Jordan International Bank



Yoyo are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Jordan International Bank.

Our team replatformed their existing website onto Umbraco, but now, mid 2018, attention has turned to the redesign of their entire site. With a unique history and steady growth, Jordan International Bank’s strengths lie in their significant expertise and their personalised, superior client service. Their online presence needs to reflect the bank’s values and appeal to its specific audience, through an elegant and sophisticated experience. With new features and integrations all designed to offer a better experience to their customers, their new site will be a significant addition of their long-term business strategy.

“This is a significant win for Yoyo, in our continued growth within the financial sector. We are thrilled to be working with the team at Jordon International Bank to transform their digital presence and help build upon their success within the UK and the Middle Eastern market. This will be a rapid transformation with the new platform launching towards the end of this year.”

Jenny Kitchen Managing Director

Jordan International Bank is the latest addition to Yoyo’s growing portfolio in the financial sector. We have been working with J.P. Morgan, amongst others, for the last 3 years and have just released an impactful campaign for their 150 year anniversary, called A Story about Trusts.