Working with our Community



Louisa Steward, Head of Delivery, here at Yoyo was recently asked to help judge Business in Psychology Posters at the University of Kent.

Louisa has worked across all types of digital projects including strategic, large scale implementations with enterprise level tech solutions, campaigns, apps and digital marketing for companies including R.N.L.I. and J.P. Morgan. She has also led and managed internal teams and for the last few years mentored and worked in a leadership role here at Yoyo as well as being a part of a local external mentoring programme.

So, with a degree in sociology, a diploma in marketing and more than 15 years of digital agency experience, Louisa was the perfect person for the job!

The students, all Psychology students, had been tasked with choosing a topic from a list provided which included such areas as…

‘Women struggle to obtain high level leadership roles. How can organisations address diversity issues in senior management?’


‘Organisations struggle with workers spending increasing amounts of time online on social networking sites. How can the business community address this?’

Once the topic had been chosen, students then need to produce a poster to represent this area.

The judging took place at the university on 28th March. Louisa had a great afternoon with fellow judges Marcus Wright (Enterprise Manager, UoK), Nigel Hurley (MidKent College), Aurelija Povilaike (Research Development, UoK), Paul Marsh (Rethink Mental Illness) and Ioanna Kapantai (People United).

Each judge assessed the posters on the following:

  • Content
  • Creative - how the content was presented on the poster
  • Presentation - how the students delivered the content to the judging panel

They then each shortlisted a poster and then from here a winner was chosen.

When assessing the posters the types of things Louisa specifically considered or was looking for included:

  • Balance between the theory of psychology and how this could be applied practically within a business environment. With case studies was an added bonus!
  • Was there a unified story to the content and poster. Did it flow and was there a conclusion presented.
  • Was the poster visually engaging and was content clearly presented and easy to digest.
  • Was the poster contents well presented by the students. Did all students have a role and did they present their findings as opposed to read from the poster. Were they passionate about the subject and believe in what they were presenting. Did they appear to have a strong team dynamic.
  • Did they go the extra mile and do something a bit different to present their findings and add value. For example, a supporting information leaflet or case study to supplement the poster.

Louisa shared her thoughts,

“I really enjoyed being a judge and talking to the students. I can see how having a wider breadth of feedback from their teachers and business community would be of real benefit to the themes that were being considered.

From our perspective at Yoyo, it is really useful and interesting to see how things are viewed from outside of our world - fresh ideas and thinking.”

The winning poster addressed the following question:

‘How can the business community address workers spending increasing amounts of time online on social networking sites?’

All students had worked extremely hard and produced some great posters. Well done to all involved and congratulations to the winning team!

Stefan Leach, Lecturer in Social Psychology at the University of Kent was also pleased with the event:

“It was fantastic to have members of the wider business community come and share their knowledge and expertise with our students. It’s a great learning experience (and not to mention enjoyable!). A big thank-you to all the judges, and I hope we can continue to host similar events in the future!”