An online experience for investment consultants




Fitch Learning support relationship managers and investment consultants to help them pass their SAQ CMWA (Swiss association for quality: Certified Wealth Management Advisors) exams successfully.

The brief and vision were clear, we needed to redesign their CWMA online experience in order to reflect their brand more accurately. The key focus was ensuring that their current online experience was completely aligned to the more premium experience displayed offline. 

The key client objectives for the site were:

  • Provide a smooth and consistent online and offline user experience
  • Enable users to easily navigate the page and find out more about the program.

Creative and Delivery

The concept was inspired by the CWMA brochure and our teams worked closely together to build and design a solid, professional and premium front end experience. 


The project had very tight turnaround timings and having been made aware that that there would be a lengthy stakeholder review and feedback process, we needed to be smart with the time available. We worked very closely with the client to ensure we had imminent access to imagery and content and internally, we ran daily stand ups with the team, worked iteratively, tested regularly and kept to shorter, frequent reviews. 



Success for the client from both an online and offline experience is measured by seeing an increase in enquiries for the program and an uptake on the program itself. By creating this consistent brand experience, we have ensured the user is taken on a seamless user journey. From offline to online, the user is now clearly able to access the right information with little fuss or confusion, allowing them to make an informed choice about the benefits of the Fitch program. 

Visit the website to find out more about the Fitch Learning CWMA program