Evolving site UI and Design


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Paperstone came to Yoyo with a disjointed website and an inconsistent brand. Initially, we worked on refreshing the master header and homepage to pioneer a set of styles and guidelines for Paperstone, this was then rolled out across their e-commerce site selling over 15,000 products across hundreds of categories.


“Yoyo’s flexibility meant that we could take an iterative approach to avoid a “big bang” launch, managing risk and letting us easily evolve the style.”

An iterative process was key for this project. We chose key pages of focus and allowed the client the opportunity to review and test the designs regularly. This ensured informed decisions, based on results, could be made easily.

Following review and testing periods, designs were then refined and structure adjusted to further improve the site performance.

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The brand, and UI we've implemented has led to a better-looking, better-performing website. The team is looking forward to working with Paperstone to continue to tweak and improving this successful e-commerce platform for their end users.

“The brand now works much better across all our digital platforms and the website is performing better than ever. Yoyo are a pleasure to work with, communication is excellent and we can thoroughly recommend them.”

Henry Barker Technical Director