Refresh - the revamped and revitalised Motivating Mondays



Do you feel ready for the week ahead? No? That’s because you are missing out on Refresh.

Our Motivating Mondays have been rejuvenated! We know that a motivated and happy team is essential to ensuring a productive workforce, so we've revamped these Monday morning sessions, to make them even better. We are all guilty of feeling those Monday blues, but the purpose of Refresh is to kick start the day and leave the team feeling ready and motivated for the week ahead. Did you know there’s even been a name created for that Monday feeling?


We know that on a Monday morning, all most people want to do is stay in bed! Refresh gives the team a chance to grab a coffee, some breakfast and catch up with their colleagues to start their week with a better mindset, something more like this:


Refresh sessions aren't just about reeling off generic motivational videos, we like to think outside the box - picking topics that really get the team thinking and awake on a Monday morning. 

For instance, the first week’s topic was cucumbers. Yes, you read that right...cucumbers! It's a fact that cucumbers retain their coolness inside, despite the outside temperature - just like cucumbers, when things get a little heated at work, we too need to harness the skills that keep us cool under pressure. 

So that's what its all about, preparing us for the week ahead and providing us with different, intriguing and exciting topics that engage us in different conversations. 


The key to remember is that Monday is a state of mind, all you need to do is have something to look forward to on a Monday to drive your team through the week. So maybe start this in your office...who knows what you could achieve if you had Refresh at the start of your week.

“For me, Refresh is just one of the many things which makes Yoyo special. Often Monday mornings can be fairly depressing, and there’s nothing worse than coming into an office of people tapping away with their heads down. Refresh gives an energetic and positive start to our week and brings us together as an agency before we get down to business.”

Steve Goates Creator of Refresh