How we use strategy to point us in the right direction.

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Our strategy team works hand-in-hand with organisations to build people-first, immersive experiences that achieve targeted results, some of which may be set during the definition phase.

Their aim is to both collaborate and challenge, find the right balance between  business objectives and customer needs, and build a meaningful solution with the latest technologies acting as the enabler, not the driver. 

The Yoyo Approach: Discovery & Definition

Our first phase focuses on laying a solid base for the project to build upon. We gather any information available to us, get a clear understanding of the problem or challenge ahead (we ask ‘why’, a lot!), and combine it with our own knowledge and research. This foundation is fundamental to success, whether it’s technical limitations in the business or knowing your target audience on a deeper level, it sets the path for creating a solution that works.

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Working in this streamlined way helps us to launch new, exciting products and services that last. Optimise a brands online presence. Refine an organisation's existing process and systems for better performance. Create unique and memorable campaigns. It even allows us to host the occasional pastry-fuelled, coffee splashing workshop.

UX audit & advice

This is to ensure your digital projects deliver the best possible user experience. Combining our digital expertise with a user-centered approach to design, we elevate the online experience to be unique, memorable and enjoyable, as well as help users achieve their goals.

From increasing customer trust and loyalty to conversion rate optimisation, we provide actionable recommendations to achieve your business goals.

Case study: J.P. Morgan UX Guidelines

Innovation programme

It’s important to adapt and evolve in an ever-changing digital world. When it comes to problem solving, generating new ideas and making them a tangible reality, we can help.

We know that keeping up with the latest technologies and nuanced consumer behaviours isn’t always straightforward. Our innovation programmes are designed to identify the perfect process for your business and build a culture of change that future proofs creativity at the service of commercial success. 

If you’re looking to innovate to solve specific challenges, our team can take you through the full product development life cycle: we’ll help you research, ideate, prototype, test, plan, design and build the digital solution your customer needs.

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User research & persona development

Your audience is your most valuable resource when designing impactful, user-centred digital experiences.

Using a bespoke set of research methods, we’ll help you understand what your customers care about, what challenges them, motivates them, influences them and ultimately convinces them you’re right for the job. This insight informs the development of personas and user journeys; descriptive profiles that enable targeted product and marketing strategies.

Campaign strategy & storytelling

Impactful campaigns connect with people. How you tell your story and what you use to measure success are key to ensure your campaign lands with audiences and delivers ROI.

From choosing the right channels to getting the tone of voice just right, we’ll work with you to set out the strategic and creative direction of your next campaign.

Case study: University of Southampton

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Brand positioning, personality & content

Elevate your brand experience above the competition. Take advantage of what makes your brand unique by attuning your offering, as well as your marketing efforts, to your audience. 

Our research-focused approach draws upon consumer insights and competitor analyses to ensure your brand is well-positioned to drive value for your business as well as your customers while standing out from the crowd.

Case study: England Athletics

Digital strategy & technical architecture

Wherever you are along your digital journey, our team will help you find the right technical solutions and maximise the benefits to your business.

From consulting on existing integrations to building completely bespoke functionality, it is essential to establish a digital roadmap to help prioritise investment in the areas with the greatest opportunity for impact. We partner with our clients to ensure they get the most out of digital, challenging them to ensure it’s solving the right problem and not technology for technology’s sake.