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Project Strategy, UX, UI, Front-end / Back-end Development, SEO


Transforming a website into a mission-critical platform for sustainable digital success.

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A fresh start

In official terms, it might be accurate to describe B Lab as a non-profit network. In real terms, it is a global network, leading economic systems change and driving the B Corp Movement to support a collective vision of an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.

In the UK, B Lab has been gathering momentum since its establishment in 2015, but its website had failed to keep pace and was beginning to act as a barrier to corporate engagement. As a certified B Corp, Yoyo were ideally placed to transform the site into a digital experience that not only better reflects B Lab UK as an organisation, but also provides an adaptable platform to support its ongoing vital mission.

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What Yoyo has created for us is a fantastic, professional, engaging looking site (meeting the brief entirely) and a very user friendly CMS - from my early doubts I am now completely an Umbraco convert!
Liza Freudmann, Head of Communications, B Lab UK

With B Lab UK forming part of the B Global Network and providing certification for B Corps, the complex and subtle interplay between company, parent brand and product immediately presented a key challenge.

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It was clear that improvements to site design and user journeys would only go some way to answering some of B Lab UK’s more deep-rooted digital challenges. This, in fact, was a pivotal opportunity to transform the site into a digital asset that would support the team’s current work while providing the flexibility for it to be reshaped based on future requirements.

Yoyo was entrusted to deliver a progressive new look and feel. It was critical that the design would be an effective vehicle for the various layers of B Lab UK messaging while also complementing the global B Lab brand and B Corporation brand. 

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Clear messages delivered within a calm, engaging experience.

Design, copy and UX are neatly knitted together to support straightforward user journeys and reinforce the brand’s bold mission. 

A key function of the B Lab UK website is to help convert awareness and interest into brand engagement and, ultimately, to support completion of the application process. It should be a helping hand along the way, answering questions and providing reassuring guidance. However, poor signposting and disjointed information flows meant that answers were previously lost in the depths of the site.

Yoyo established a structure and defined a vocabulary that would focus on the user – helping them understand the value of B Corp certification, complete specific actions and achieve certain outcomes. Yoyo also undertook a full content audit to identify any duplication, distil down the overall volume of words and enhance the site’s SEO performance. 

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For B Lab UK, the redevelopment of the site marked a point of digital disconnection with its global parent organisation. Yoyo stepped in to support the company with a cost-effective, self-contained proposal based on the Umbraco CMS platform. This would enable the in-house client team to manage existing content and expand the site’s capabilities in future within a permissions-based environment where there would be little requirement for technical support. At the same time, Yoyo ensured the site would deliver the necessary integration with the directory of B Corp members still held and managed by B Lab Global.

The resulting site is not only visually more appealing and functionally more effective, it also truly supports B Lab UK in delivering its vision of a future where business is a force for good.

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Thank you so much for your expertise, hard work and dedication in making this happen. The feedback we have had so far has been overwhelmingly positive. You’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with and we’re so proud of the finished result.
Liza Freudmann, Head of Communications, B Lab UK
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