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Strategy, UX, UI, front- and back-end development, eCommerce integration.


Creating an audience focused website full of personality and information.

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Expertly designed for expert advice

We successfully built a website which reflected Bidwells brand and scope of service, with backend development from Novaspark.

Bidwells is a leading UK property consultancy, at the forefront of two of the most dynamic real estate markets in the UK: the Oxford-Cambridge Arc and the emerging field of Natural Capital.

Today, Bidwells’ 500-strong team manages over £5.2 billion in property assets for national and international investors, and serves as a gateway to these highly attractive markets for science and technology corporations and investors across North America, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Europe.

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On Bidwells previous site instead of focusing on user experience, the language and site structure was focused more on the internal business structure and terminology. Bidwells wanted to replatform the website onto Episerver and make use of the personalisation features and its powerful marketing suite.

Importantly Bidwells website needed to reflect their business strategy of being audience focused and having a design which displayed personality. This meant a big focus of the project was to improve the user experience as well as bringing the brand to life. To address these issues and encourage engagement Bidwells came to Yoyo.

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“This was more than just a new website for us. We were redefining our service offer, and bringing the brand to life – a concept that Yoyo embraced from the first meeting with our team. Their approach to our project was a perfect fit for us. All workshops, sessions, meetings and content models were delivered remotely during the pandemic, which is a real testament to the agility and flexibility of their team.
Chelsea Jarvis, Digital Marketing Manager & Website Project Lead, Bidwells LLP
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Our approach

At the beginning we started with exercises to understand each of the key audiences and what they needed from the site, allowing for mapping out the key personas and their user journeys. This supported a parallel activity where Bidwells were looking at how they positioned their services in a more user-centric way. We also sought to understand more about Bidwells’ value proposition and what makes them stand out from the competition and identified areas where we could match this with the user’s needs.

Strategy: workshops, customer research & audience/stakeholder interviews, high level Information Architecture, audience personas. 

Concepting & Definition: content modelling, moodboard, creative concepts, scamping, product spec doc. 

Delivery: iterative and fluid design and development conducted in 2-week sprints. The process was agile, iterative, and flexible, creating the best website for Bidwells and their needs.

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Expertise and guidance

A key aspect for their audience is to know the expertise of the team and how they can help guide them through the process. In our designs, we sought to find an interesting way to make sure people can always easily access relevant experts to contact, no matter where they are on the site. This overlay will display the relevant experts that cover the topic of the page that you are on - making it  easy for you to contact them, but also helps build relationships by making it possible to share more personal/individual profiles.

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An immersive digital experience

To reflect Bidwells brand, depth of services, and their place in the market, we created more immersive and engaging digital experiences across the website, such as ‘Draw a search map’ and dynamic overlay components.  

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If not from us, read how the launch of the website has helped to ‘Redefine Bidwells During Lockdown’ from the Business Development & Marketing Director at Bidwells.

We’re always on the lookout for interesting projects, where we can add value to you and your business. If you have an idea you’d like to discuss, send us your brief!

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