Firefly Learning

Multi-channel campaign targeting teachers to increase free trial uptake.

Firefly learning TES magazine adverts


Firefly is an online tool designed to bring teachers, students and parents together. Firefly’s integrated tools work for the whole school across all devices - bringing teachers, students and parents together to help students learn more. Firefly wanted to build on the great success they have had over the last few years in private schools, by shifting their focus towards state schools and maximising the opportunities for trialing their product.

Insight phase for the Firefly campaign


We developed 6 key user personas based on research and behaviourial insight to form the foundation of our conceptual thinking in line with the multichannel marketing plan. We focused on amplifying the key ‘time-saving’ benefits of the product across each audience segment so we could create tailored messaging designed to drive traffic to several landing pages which promoted Firefly’s free trial.

Online and printed material for Firefly
firefly brochure


Uplift in campaign sales

Worth of leads

Hot leads

“Yoyo impressed us from the start with their creative approach and we felt very early on that they were committed to understanding the brand principles of Firefly and what we wanted to convey to the market. Their approach was structured, professional and consultative. They made it clear from the beginning what they needed from us in terms of meetings and were upfront about costs. It has been an enjoyable experience working with them.”

Moray Souter Head of Marketing, Firefly Learning