Freesat End The Spend

An interactive tool to help TV customers save money by switching to Freesat.

Freesat End The Spend


Freesat, the UK’s subscription-free satellite TV service, wanted to create an online destination designed to help Pay TV customers identify the savings they could make if they were to end their monthly subscription and switch to Freesat. Utilising the insight that 97% of the TV Britain watches is available on Freesat, Yoyo set about creating an online calculator that provides inspiration for what people could actually be doing with the money they currently spend on Sky TV.

Having undertaken quantitative research with our target audience around their lifestyles and spending habits during our initial discovery phase, we were able to lean on this research to inform the recommendations served as part of the interactive.

Freesat End The Spend


Designed to support Freesat’s “Unbelievably Good” above-the-line campaign and the company’s industry leading satisfaction levels, the site allows users to visualise what their savings could be used for instead.

Using our audience research, we were able to develop a range of items that would inspire people and help provide tangible reasons for switching. This also gave us the opportunity to deliver additional information about the paid entertainment services available from Freesat.

Freesat Savings Calculator

Aside from the calculation tool, the brief included three specific elements that required attention, namely demonstrate ease of switching, drive purchase and collect data for those under contract and not able to switch immediately.

A video was created and incorporated into the site to demonstrate exactly how simple it is to connect your new Freesat box to your existing Sky cables and have everything working quickly and efficiently.

Freesat - Unbelievably Good


End the Spend ran during Freesat's peak buying period and has contributed to the following results for the year April 16 - March 17.

TVs and set-top boxes sold

uplift year on year

total app downloads

“Our research showed that value for money from their TV package is the number one concern for savvy consumers in a very competitive market. While many people are aware they are paying for TV they don’t watch, our goal was to demonstrate the potential savings they were missing out on by not switching to Freesat and what that money could be used for instead in a fun and compelling way.

As ever, the team from Yoyo brought great energy and expertise to the project, turning a challenging brief in to an engaging consumer proposition.”

Guy Southam Head of Digital and Data Strategy, Freesat