Freesat's Freetime

Giving customers a taste of what satellite television has to offer with a virtual TV guide experience.

Freetime home page


Freesat are the UK’s free satellite TV service. And Freetime is their awardwinning TV guide. Our brief was to redesign and develop the Freetime website and give the user a real taste of what the TV guide has to offer through a ‘hands-on’ experience.

Freetime app view
Freetime controller and screens


Freesat’s branding is all about being big, bright and bold, so we capitalised on this to engage audiences and encourage them to learn more about the Freetime product. The ultimate goal was to drive visitors towards the TV Guide demo so they could see for themselves just how easy it was to use alongside the breadth of free broadcasting content that Freesat offers. To make the experience as realistic as possible, we integrated the Freetime API to call through live data so users could see which shows were on across any channel.

Freetime screen
Freetime app
Freetime screens
Freetime controls
Freetime app screen