An interactive web app from the people who want to encourage you to play with your food.

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hungryhouse have revolutionised take away food in the UK. For the first time, every take away in your local area can showcase their menus online, in one place. For consumers this means increased choice and the ability to order from a mix of different restaurants and food types. Because, quite frankly, we can't always be in the mood for the same thing. 

For their 2016 Summer cuisine campaign, they wanted Yoyo to design and build an animated online quiz in just 5 days. The quiz needed to target ‘Young Urbanites’ to help raise awareness of their food platform throughout the UK.

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With such a tight deadline, we created a simple quiz with 6 questions engineered to identify which part of the British Isles the participant comes from. The predictive nature of the quiz coupled with a nostalgic creative treatment keeps users entertained and encourages them to share their results on social media. From cod, haddock or skate to mushy peas, curry sauce, or a battered sausage, how we like to eat our fish and chips says a lot about where you’re from! And with a claimed 96.635% accuracy rate, the quiz challenges you to prove it wrong.

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“We were really pleased to have hungryhouse approach us with such an interesting and fun brief as we're all big fans of fish and chips. Gamifying take away food is a really innovative and interactive way of creating engagement whilst encouraging affinity with the hungryhouse brand.”

Nick Adams Yoyo Strategist