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Painting realistic digital portraits of key customer types to pave the way for more relevant, consistent and impactful communication.


In a world where we’re bombarded with messages, communications that are tailored and targeted have a far better chance of being heard. J.P. Morgan identified that creating personas to represent key segments of their broad audience of investors was a vital part of this process. It would ensure they have a clearer picture of the individuals they are looking to reach, helping shape the content and user experience, and give messages real cut-through. 

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The persona workshop was not only hugely engaging, but Yoyo adapted to our bespoke and sometimes challenging needs to ensure we got the most value from it. Thanks to the personas that were created, we can now truly understand our audience.
Sandra Simoes - J.P. Morgan Asset Management UX Lead EMEA

For the personas to have real impact, they had to be developed in real depth.

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Consideration needed to be given not just to a user’s understanding of financial products and their attitude as an investor – there also had to be consideration of the factors that influence their wider decision-making and emotional needs as ‘real’ people. Based on these conclusions, the personas could be developed in appropriate detail, providing a more robust indication of the hopes and fears of these audience groups at each stage of the purchasing cycle. 

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We focused first on personal investors, a wide-ranging group with varying degrees of experience and knowledge with regard to investing. We built up an initial picture of this audience by compiling and analysing all available customer research before looking to source views from the J.P. Morgan team. Across departments, there was a broad mix of stakeholders involved, with some strong opinions on these clients and their needs. As the focal point for this process, we absorbed the team’s views, cross-referenced them with the available research, and arrived at a series of outline profiles.

Messages resonate more strongly when you talk to an individual. Creating a detailed, authentic persona means when you think about a customer, you see a real person.


These outlines were then refined down to four key personas across a series of workshops. To aid the ‘humanising’ process and dig into the detail of each persona, we developed a board game that uses cards to prompt discussion about various facets of their character. This enabled us to quickly build up a more three-dimensional picture of the ‘person’ representing each audience group. The results from this work were circulated back among the teams, we co-ordinated feedback and arrived at the agreed persona definitions.

Defining personas

With the personas defined, it was essential to explain their purpose and importance to the wider team. To achieve this we designed a playbook to act as a clear, simple reference document, communicating how and why the personas should be used. We also created posters of each individual persona, ensuring they were visible within the workplace and making them a talking point among the team.

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The personas have changed how J.P. Morgan Asset Management approaches digital communication with personal investors. Product information and content is now developed through these filters, ensuring customers and prospects are presented with products that are appropriate for them, with the information delivered in a way that’s relevant to their situation. The project’s success means it has been rolled out across other areas of the business, including wholesale, to improve targeting and also avoid unnecessary duplication of effort across departments. From an external perspective, the persona project has the further benefit of demonstrating how J.P. Morgan has aligned its activities with the wider regulatory-driven shift to bring greater transparency and accountability to how financial products are sold.

Our newly created personas gave our team clear focus and the customer insight we have gained is just invaluable.
Sandra Simoes - J.P. Morgan Asset Management UX Lead EMEA
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