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Creating a premium digital presence to support and attract customers for a high-end global banking organisation.

The team at Yoyo were professional at all times, took time to fully understand our requirements, worked hard to achieve the look and feel that we wanted, and we're always swift to respond to queries. We look forward to working with Yoyo on future projects.
– Adam Barrett, Business Development Manager, Jordan International Bank
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Situated in the heart of the exclusive St James’s area of central London but with roots deep in the Middle East, Jordan International Bank (JIB) is definitely not your average High Street bank.


JIB serves a discerning clientele with specialist products and high-quality customer service, and is positioned as one of the leading niche overseas banks in London. With an updated brand identity and a new internet banking offer, the company needed to implement a wholesale redesign of its website to ensure it provided an accurate reflection of the company in this latest phase of its growth.

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It was essential that the design of the site conveyed the qualities at the heart of the JIB brand, which has been built on long-standing, personal relationships with clients over 35 years of business. The visuals and content needed to highlight the benefits of this approach for existing and new clients alike. At the same time, the site needed to deliver on functionality and purpose, with clear information, simple navigation and defined journeys to steer users to priority content areas.


Location is a defining quality of the JIB brand. The Yoyo design team built on this strength, developing a concept for site imagery that tied together the bank's Jordanian origins with iconic London landmarks. It drew links between the company’s heritage and its position at the centre of Europe’s financial capital. In addition, subtle animations were used across the site, smoothing the user journey and delivering an elegant, sophisticated experience that reflects the bank’s professionalism and high-end positioning.


A high-end digital experience.

The new site represents a step forward for JIB. Aligned with its new brand, this sets it up for continued growth among domestic and international markets. Ongoing maintenance and development were key for the JIB in-house team. The content management system we specified gave them the flexibility and control to independently manage content across every page, module and feature on the site. Any design changes or product updates could be handled in a way that maintained a consistent brand experience for the user.


The new site delivered on its objectives of reflecting the updated JIB brand, giving prominence to its new internet banking offering, and handing control of ongoing site maintenance and development to the in-house team. More than that, it has given JIB a digital foundation to strengthen marketing and brand appeal among a UK audience, helping sustain the next phase of its growth.

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