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Collaborating with the RSPCA's team to deliver wireframes, prototypes, and high definition designs.


With a new executive team in place, the RSPCA wanted to review the design of their homepage to serve their supporters a more inspiring and effective experience and better represent their vision of the future as the world’s oldest animal welfare organisation. 

Wires Brand

Improving the navigation was a key design objective.

We ran a stakeholder workshop to prioritise the areas of the RSCPA’s work that needed promoting on the homepage, balancing this against the visitors’ differing needs, and considering ways to optimise the supporters’ journey to key services on the site such as finding a pet, donating, reporting cruelty, contacting the RSPCA and accessing advice. Alongside this, we also ran a content principles workshop to help us put together a content guide for creating content specifically for the homepage.

We reviewed the current supporter experience to identify key opportunities for improving conversions to key actions and help visitors find the information they need. A lot of this effort was around improving the navigation so that users could find key topics from anywhere in the site quickly and easily.

Design 1

The visual identity of the homepage was completely redesigned so that it reflected the RSPCA’s modern brand personality (which had recently been updated for offline marketing channels) with appropriate layout, colour choices and imagery whilst ensuring that this also translated to a great mobile experience (catering for the 44% of traffic on mobile phones).

We also focused on reducing noise and visual complexity by creating simpler content groupings and content flows, providing the user with clear areas of engagement that they could scan incredibly quickly. We undertook 2 sessions of user testing for the navigation and page layout to learn how we could improve the solution.

Design 3

Not working in silo

During the initial design phase, we identified an opportunity to roll-out the new UI styling for the homepage across the entire site in an incredibly cost effective way for the client. We realised that the majority of the site was made up of three core page templates. By extending our UI design work across another two pages, we could effectively cover off around 90% of the components used across the website.

We were concerned that redesigning the homepage in silo would have a detrimental impact to the overall user experience. The RSPCA agreed, and the homepage refresh was launched in tandem with a complete UI overhaul to breathe new life into the website experience.

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