Breakthrough Funding

Breaking convention with a disruptive website aimed at inventors seeking R&D tax credits.

breakthrough funding devices


Breakthrough Funding is a new boutique tax company. They specialise in gaining R&D tax credits for SMEs. To help launch and grow the company, Breakthrough Funding wanted to present themselves as a ‘challenger’ brand to the established market. They were looking to adopt creative direction that ditched ‘sensible’ corporate values in favour of being straight talking, witty and engaging, whilst still demonstrating credibility and in-depth sector knowledge of technical tax issues.

Image showing a variety of assets uses across the site.


Working closely with Breakthrough, we decided the primary objective for the site was to educate and advise users to help them understand how tax credits can work for them. Together, we created an eligibility test and cash calculator to help drive initial engagement, both completely unique features in the sector, to give Breakthrough a more competitive edge. Backed by no-nonsense copy and a bold as brass creative approach, the website is ultimately a very powerful lead generation tool.

Woman viewing the Breakthrough Funding website on her laptop in a coffee shop.
A tablet showing the calculator designed specially for the site.


“We spent a lot of time upfront together working out how to achieve our vision. I guess you could say we were very demanding, but we could not be happier with the end result. Miraculously, it achieves all our requirements and the team were highly professional and keen to get every aspect right. The best bit? It all got finished and launched one week before our launch deadline! Genius.”

Sue Nelson, Managing Director, Breakthrough Funding