A confident B2B digital platform to support the firm in their fast growth plans.



Carousel is an award-winning personalised logistics provider that is currently undergoing a rigorous growth and acquisition strategy. As a result of this, Carousel's digital platform needed to reflect their point of difference and the company's position within the logistics industry. It also needed to provide simple, clear and accurate information about the services and solutions they offer.



One of the key objectives was to communicate real customer value differentiation. Through an intuitive user experience, visitors are able to see exactly what makes this company different from its competitors. Carousel's three points of differentiation are its people, its trusted network and its advanced technology solutions. Each of these strengths were given their own dedicated pages on the new site and these areas are also woven throughout the website's content.

carousel branding

Another key objective was to showcase Carousel's full service offering and the superior quality that runs through the company. This was mainly derived from the new content that was produced specifically for the website, but the design lifted this through the additional touches of class and sophistication. The Umbraco platform that the site was built on gave the designers' the flexibility to include these touches without compromise.

carousel branding


“We know we're not like any other logistics provider. We don't do 'standard', we do 'innovative' and that's what we wanted our new site to convey. The end product is a site that’s clever, friendly, playful and engaging, but also informative too. It brings together our expanding range of services, giving our clients and prospective clients a clear overview as well as acting as a valuable hub for those seeking help, advice and latest industry insight. We’re absolutely delighted with it.”

Graham Martin Carousel, CEO