A website for one of the UK's leading EdTech companies promoting a pioneering online tool.



Firefly is at the forefront of the advancement in the use of technology in schools. Having first gone into development 10 years ago the company has gone on to become an authority in Edtech (education technology) and pioneered an online tool that brings together teachers, parents and students across independent and state secondary schools, operating in the UK and Australia.

Having previously worked with Firefly in 2015 to develop and deliver a multi-channel sales campaign for state schools in the UK, we had already uncovered a number of key product insights and user benefits as part of our discovery process. As the site needed to cater for a number of audiences we recommended a website discovery workshop with key stakeholders to:

  • Interrogate the brief in detail
  • Understand the user goals and journeys
  • Agree the role of the site, and requirements and desired functionality

Our discovery phase enables us to collaborate with key members of the website project team, it provides a forum for discussion and allows us to understand and collate all stakeholder requirements and prioritise these.

We approach every project using the same process of discovery, solutions and development. But this is anything but linear, as such our discovery process is continuous and what we learn about the product, brand, audience and market insights constantly feeds into our strategic thinking, creative solutions and technical recommendations.


User personas were created and used in order to role-play how people may use the site and what information we needed to get to them quickly. Importantly, this was a lead generation website and these personas enabled us to understand how best to optimise conversion opportunities and collect valuable data. As part of any Yoyo build, these scenarios were AB tested and developed accordingly.

Our technical recommendation was to utilise a CMS that Firefly teams could easily work with in the back-end but was flexible enough from the front-end to deliver a truly ownable and unique site. As such we championed the use of Umbraco, a .NET-based, open-source content management system (CMS) platform.

A critical component for the new site was the integration of an already selected marketing automation software solution, specifically where forms were concerned. Due to the flexibility of Umbraco, integration with this external system was straightforward and reassuring to the client who has a well-established marketing automation process in place that needed to remain unchanged and uninterrupted.

Additionally, key functionality included the ability for Firefly to add content whenever required. Covering blogs, case studies, quotes, thought-leadership and information surrounding events, it was important to enable the collation of content by author – as a number of Firefly’s team and contributors are teaching professionals with profiles identified as important during the discovery phase, in order to reaffirm authority and gravitas.



Working with Firefly during the discovery phase allowed us to agree the goal was to not only create a brand new, clean and contemporary looking website, but a site which clearly sold the benefits of their product in an exciting and engaging way.

It was crucial that the main benefits page "Why Firefly" was attractive and interactive for the user. Yoyo brought this page to life with animations and interactivity, making sure the content placement worked well to communicate the important points associated with the Firefly product.

The animations feature a parallax design that is pleasing to the eye and achieves a number of key objectives quickly and concisely.

  1. Show off the product in context
  2. Make it clear that Firefly works on any device
  3. State who uses Firefly in schools
  4. Give insight into the success schools have seen
  5. Make it easy for users to sign up to try it

The rest of the site was consistently branded, and designed to increase their conversion rate and user engagement with both the product and the Firefly story. Away from product features, the Firefly story was important to tell and this was brought to life using a mix of video, photography and profiles.



Lead acquisition YoY

Increase in site visits YoY, with SEO +34%

Increase in paid search conversions YoY

“It was a pleasure to work with Yoyo again. In particular as the team took the time and energy to really understand our brand and objectives in detail, ensuring that their design and ideas were both creative and a great fit for our needs. Harriet did a brilliant job capturing every stage of the process and liaising with different stakeholders, ensuring our tight deadlines were hit. And, most importantly, we're all really happy with the finished result!”

Maria Monks Head of Marketing, Firefly