Giving foodies tasty content that showcases food innovation and promotes artisan producers.

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The FoodTalk Show is a refreshing new internet radio programme launched to showcase food innovation and promote artisan producers across the UK. Sue Nelson and Paul Andrews, the founders of the show, needed an online hub to enhance the content offering and reach wider audiences. To attract foodies and local producers alike, they wanted a site that could bring together podcasts, blogs, recipes, food heroes and food innovation in one

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To attract foodies and local producers alike, the site brings together an exciting blend of podcasts, recipes, blog posts, food heroes, and food innovation - each with their own vibrant punch of visual flavour. The content is the star of the website, so we created a really simple tile-based framework to house the content for users to access from any device. Mobile was really important for the B2C audience, as they were accessing the radio show whilst on the go and following recipes on their mobile devices whilst in the kitchen. The site has been optimised to work across mobile, tablet and desktop with chunky buttons, easy to read text, and fully integrated podcasts served through a third party system called Pod Bean. Tasty!

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“Once again - Yoyo have delivered! We required a website that allowed listeners to download our weekly podcast and yet not clog up our site with huge amounts of data. The Yoyo techies managed the back end magic and the creative bunch exceeded expectations by making it look beautifully delicious!”

Sue Nelson CEO, Breakthrough Funding