Creating a premium user experience for a premium brand in global search.

Montarosa desktop
Montarosa desktop


MontaRosa are a leading search firm based in America. They specialize in senior placements including Board, C-level, divisional heads and key dealmaking individuals. As they’ve grown over the past few years, MontaRosa needed a site that better reflected where they were in the market place. The site needed to exude professionalism and set MontaRosa apart from their competitors.

Montarosa icons


Our research highlighted that MontaRosa’s target audience tends to be time-poor so we adopted a minimalist approach to ensure that the content and user interface focused on the essential information only. Meticulous attention to detail across every aspect of the design was also a key factor to help present MontaRosa as the premium, credible and customer-focused brand that they are.

Montarosa mobile design
Montarosa tablet design
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“An extremely talented and creative group at Yoyo! Completely blown away by their talent and ability to effectively communicate our brand and concept through the website. The Yoyo team is the perfect combination of creativity and professionalism and we would highly recommend them to any organisation.”

Amanda Cheng Research Associate, Monta Rosa