The Grandparent Hub

A place of support, ideas and inspiration for grandparents helping to look after their grandchildren.

The Grandparent Hub


The Grandparent Hub was developed to provide the 9.2 million grandparents with ideas and inspiration to help keep their grandchildren active, happy and entertained during their time together and ensure each moment becomes a memory. Having undertaken significant research, it came to light that today’s grandparents who are involved with childcare, are younger, more active and more tech savvy than people believe, so a decision was made to create an online site. The website has a range of resources such as grandparent blogs, a small shop area, an area to help with homework and plenty of ideas and inspiration on things to do together.

There are a number of websites available for mums, but as grandparents are now the number one source of childcare within the UK above day nurseries and child-minders, it is important that they are provided with an equal amount of resources too. initially soft-launched in October 2017 with an aim of getting a real understanding of how their market use their website in order to review and re-develop the website moving forward. After the initial six-month period, The Grandparent Hub asked us to work with them on a new design.

Both the initial findings from the six-month usage period along with bespoke qualitative and quantitative research undertaken by The Grandparent Hub, gave us a rich insight in to their audience and what such a website would and could mean to them. Armed with this information we set up a workshop with the team from The Grandparent Hub.

Post-its at the ready, we all got to work here at the Yoyo offices. We covered a wall with all our knowledge, thoughts and ideas and then collaboratively worked to define each of the audiences. Only through this understanding could we then start to look at why and how each audience were using the website.

We defined 3 key audiences:

  • The nanny; a grandparent looking after a pre-schooler, typically in the day during the week
  • The child minder; a grandparent looking after school age children before/after school and/or in the school holidays
  • The babysitter; a grandparent who looks after their grandchild occasionally

Each audience then had it’s unique needs identified (with different post-its for each audience!), and with all this information and a clear idea of where the website needed to go, it was over to us to start to look at the complete customer journey.

The Grandparent Hub


Mark Thomson, our UX guru, championed the customer journey and developed wireframes for the revamped website. After the workshop, (where he was also in charge of post-its), he consulted with our creative team and The Grandparent Hub’s web developer to ensure his suggestions would work in practice.

The wireframes captured all the needs and were worked up into page designs by our fabulous in-house creative team. Having already developed The Grandparent Hub’s branding, Matt led on the design to ensure complete consistency and that the agreed aims and objectives were met.

It was key to follow through on these objectives:

  • Shattering the myths that grandparents were all old and sedentary
  • Injecting humour and vibrancy
  • Surfacing up new information easily
  • Simple, logical navigation
The Grandparent Hub

When designing the flow and individual pages The Grandparent Hub wanted the ability to feature sponsored posts:

The Grandparent Hub

It was also important for them to have a bespoke section for competitions etc. that needed to fit in with the site but yet have standout. An e-commerce section was added to the website, which would contain detailed product listings and payment facilities. As this was an area that was relatively new to The Grandparent Hub, we worked closely together to ensure the slickest journey for their customers.

The Grandparent Hub


The site design was handed over to The Grandparent Hub’s developer and is now live and already generating some great results.

Increase in new users since launch

Increase in newsletter subscriptions

We can’t wait to see the success of their new website and look forward to working with the team again soon.

“We loved working with the team at Yoyo, every single person we worked with along the way showed such enthusiasm and passion for our project, we knew we had chosen the right agency! On a project which was such a big part of our proposition (and budget) we had to get this right and the expertise within the agency left us in no doubt that the journey we went on was the right one. Thank you Team Yoyo!”

The Grandparent Hub, Team