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A digital pitching tool for Universal Music's Globe to improve their sales process.

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Globe is the partnerships division of Universal Music. It brings content and talent to consumer brands and their associated agencies. These deals can range from the licensing around a single piece of music (a "sync") to a complex, multinational partnership between an advertiser and multiple artists.

Sales pitches are a core part of what makes Globe work as a business. Globe therefore wanted to develop a digital tool that helped optimise and streamline this process. The key objectives were to:

  • Increase pitch success-rate to advertisers/licensees
  • Increase pitch speed
  • Reduce associated man-hours (to prepare pitch)
  • Deliver competitive advantage for Universal's Globe division, across both Sync and Brand Partnerships
  • Improve client perception of working with Globe
  • Increase repeat work
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We designed the solution to be a digital product that became a one-stop shop for fast pitch creation for Sync and Brand Partnerships sales teams. The final platform allows sales teams to surface key metrics for each Universal artist, based on aggregated sales and social platforms (e.g reach, streams, likes / followers, etc).

The pitch deck creation process was designed for the sales team to perform themselves in-house. Once a deck was created, it could then be "published" to any individual’s iPad, giving the sales team the ability to manage multiple pitch decks at any given time.

The platform was also designed to make it easy to add artist bios, provide specific artist campaign copy, as well as to allow the embedding of artist music tracks, promotional imagery and video within the pitch deck itself. Above all, being a pitching tool, it had to be as usable as it was visually impressive.

As a final touch, we designed it with the ability to export an entire pitch deck to a PDF file, so the sales team could provide the deck as a leave behind for the client, further adding value to the overall sales experience.

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We built a bespoke website that sits within the client's internal network that the Sync and Brand Partnership teams can use to curate their pitch decks directly - a bespoke CMS of sorts.

Being within the internal network, this website has access to the company "Artist Portal" - a rich API exposing vast amounts of up-to-date artist, track, and social data gathered across the entire Universal Media Group business and harvested from social media data providers. Using this API, the website is able to find any Universal artist and their social and sales stats within seconds, with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Where before it took days to produce a pitch deck, the introduction of this website has reduced it down to just a few hours, including sourcing content like imagery and video.

Once a pitch deck is ready, the sales person can mark it as published, log onto the proprietary app on their iPad (also built by Yoyo), tap a button to get the entire deck complete with copy, imagery and video, all downloaded and ready for presenting to the client in matter of minutes.

The application is physically installed on the iPad itself. This means that there is no additional requirement for the sales person to be connected to the Internet during their sales pitch in order to download and view its content. However, if they do happen to be online, the app has an additional function which allows the sales person to directly access the Artist Portal in real time to search for and return social and sales stats on any Universal artist - right there and then in front of the client, just in case they wanted to see more artists than those being presented within the deck.

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A beautiful and usable new tool that transforms the way Globe prepares quick-fire pitches to potential brand partners, advertisers or licensees. The platform delivers clear ROI, both in terms of revenues, and the greatly improved process and working efficiency with the Sync and Brand Partnerships teams.

“We’re really starting to use the app on a regular basis and it's proving to be an amazing tool.”

Adam Gardiner Senior Director Sync, Universal Music Group