How does Umbraco support ecommerce?

We explore why large brands rely on Umbraco to power their ecommerce presence.


The UK is considered to have the most advanced ecommerce market in Europe, according to the Office of National Statistics. The pandemic has prompted a digital transformation that’s changing the online retail landscape - and it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, with research suggesting that by 2025, ecommerce will account for over a third of total retail sales, it’s clear that businesses involved in selling products or services must have a robust, secure and scalable CMS solution in place, in order to survive and flourish.

In this blog, we’ll explore why brands as large as Dominos and Mercedes rely on Umbraco to power their ecommerce presence - and what clients (of any size) with an ecommerce requirement can expect from working with an Umbraco Registered Partner, such as Yoyo.


How well does ecommerce work with Umbraco?

One of Umbraco’s many advantages as a CMS is its flexibility. But what do we mean by that?

Thanks to its open-source code and easy-to-use APIs, there are multiple ways to use Umbraco as an ecommerce platform, all you need to do is choose the best third-party App for your specific ecommerce needs and solution. From Vendr and Ucommerce to Raptor, uMarketing Suite and Storm Commerce - there are plenty to choose from, making buying and selling online simple and streamlined, as well as collecting that all-important data to better understand customer behaviours and improve their online shopping experience. Read our article about Ucommerce to understand how to get the best out of it.

Flexibility and customisation

Umbraco ecommerce requires API Integrations

Our clients often ask us why ecommerce functionality isn’t built into Umbraco, as with some other CMS solutions and the answer is simple: flexibility and customisation.

With Umbraco, there’s no ‘one size fits all’. Every business is different and brand is different - so most will want to add their unique stamp and personalisation to their online store.

Using Umbraco’s range of API integrations, our web development team can build a stunning interface and a user-friendly CMS editing experience to fit our clients’ exact needs, backed by a friendly global Umbraco community who continually improves it. This gives our clients complete flexibility about how they build the tech stack for their business ecommerce site, with the aim of engaging shoppers with features such as discount codes, multi-currency, invoicing, shipping, abandoned carts, product reviews – and much more. 

Find out more about our approach to ecommerce.


Umbraco Apps

Whether we’re adding an ecommerce element, integrating Google Maps or an online booking system, personalised content editing, multilingual translation or a simple online questionnaire function, Umbraco Apps gives agencies like Yoyo the power to build a robust and multi-functioning website for clients that is perfectly tailored to what they need now - and for the future. 

This is especially important for fast-moving commercial businesses looking to expand into multiple territories, languages and currencies or introduce new brands. Every ecommerce solution is unique and, just like the pick n mix counter of a sweetshop, Umbraco gives clients the flexibility and customisation to choose exactly what they want - no more, no less. Umbraco’s App suite enables them to get the best out of their online solution - an elegant, user-friendly site that can be effortlessly extended and integrated with other digital platforms and systems when needed.


SEO-friendly CMS

What are the best Umbraco ecommerce Apps to consider?

Searching Umbraco’s Apps catalogue reveals a wide range of independently developed and approved third-party extensions to make your website “professional, functional, and appealing”.

Here are just a few of Yoyo’s favourites:

  • By putting power into the hands of users, without the need for support from developers, Storm Commerce’s out-of-the box functionality enables clients to take control, to maintain a large range of products and manage transaction volumes with a high level of automation. A cloud-based and headless commerce platform, Storm’s flexibility and scalability give midsize to large companies room to grow.
  • Ucommerce effortlessly combines content and commerce and is the most mature and used ecommerce platform for Umbraco. It has the power to manage a wide variety of complex products and sales channels with ease while creating a great experience for customers and is highly scalable and extendable through well-documented open APIs.
  • Vendr won Best Expansion package at the 2021 Umbraco Package Awards and with good reason. By using categorised, searchable, colour-coded order status labels, keeping track of orders is quick and easy. Not only can it configure, customise and send out emails, such as order confirmation, dispatch information and receipts, it’s also multi-store, multi-currency and multi-country and comes with a number of popular payment providers ready to go.
  • Digital Analytics is an essential part of any ecommerce marketing strategy. By inspecting the digital tracks left by every visitor to a website, uMarketingSuite gives clients invaluable insight into the minds of their visitors and allows you to profile them. uMarketingSuite’s personalisation algorithms will also help visitors find the content that is right for them, making the customer journey more relevant for each visitor.
  • Raptor also tracks every interaction that customers have with a brand, helping businesses to provide a better experience and to keep them on the site longer. Using integrated marketing tools, Raptor can help to deliver targeted, unique content based on analytics-driven metrics and audience profiles.

Work with an Umbraco ecommerce specialist

Umbraco’s CMS makes it easy to add third party Apps, ideal for building an intuitive commerce ecosystem fit for the future, as well as providing a seamless work and user experience.

We’re proud to be an Umbraco Registered Partner and every one of Yoyo’s clients – brands, manufacturers, distributors or B2B vendors - know that our team of experienced web developers will create for them a digital ecommerce solution that they can be proud of for years to come, to maximise their business outcomes and to keep customers coming back, time and time again.

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