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Our team of expert developers collaborate with our brilliant creatives to develop beautiful Umbraco sites that consistently meet our clients business goals.


Our Umbraco websites

Solving challenges with Umbraco

Over the last ten years, we’ve used the inbuilt flexibility of Umbraco to solve a diverse suite of challenges for our clients.

  • Creating a safe space to grieve online

    An industry-leading interactive experience, ‘Memory Cloud’, to connect those in need with Marie Curie’s support services.

  • Making asset management visceral and accessible

    The award-winning ‘A Story about Trusts’, an immersive, educational experience for J.P. Morgan, guides their users to become experienced investors.

  • Championing the voices of young people

    A new brand and site for the leading mental health charity YoungMinds, forging a supportive community and an e-commerce platform to support fundraising efforts.

  • A bespoke, premium offering for discerning clientele

    For Jordan International Bank, a presence that spoke to their exclusive audience. A modular flexible build in the CMS armed our client with simple and straightforward control over all aspects of their site.

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Umbraco Awards

Umbraco Registered Partner

We’re dedicated to making sure our clients trust and believe that we really practice what we preach. So much so, that we go above and beyond to verify our status. As an Umbraco Registered Partner, we can provide our clients with extra reassurance that our team operates to the highest standards when it comes to developing Umbraco websites. Having worked with Umbraco for more than ten years, our team of highly skilled developers have a proven track record when it comes to consistently building and delivering beautiful, well-crafted websites. 

Umbraco Developers

Most valuable professionals

As part of our Umbraco team, we also have our very own Umbraco MVP (Most Valuable Person). In 2019, he was awarded this title for his endless hard work and contribution to the Umbraco Community and is one of just 14 MVPs worldwide. Having worked with Yoyo for nearly five years, Mike has created many award-winning sites for the agency and we’re hugely proud of his achievements.

Mike is also part of the Umbraco Accessibility team. You can read our complete guide on how to make your website accessible here.


Umbraco events

We host and attend various Umbraco events locally, virtually and abroad. The aim of these events is to socialise with fellow members of the tech community, collaborate and share knowledge about the Umbraco CMS through a mixture of talks and presentations.

Events 01
Events 02

We also attend the main Umbraco conference in Odense, Denmark every year. In 2019, we were awarded best-certified partner solution and best designed Umbraco site for our client J.P. Morgan and the website A Story About Trusts. We’d love you to join our developers, so if you will be attending this year, please drop us an email and we can arrange a catch up.

What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is an open-source content management system (CMS) platform which gives us the ability to deliver bespoke and highly stylised websites for our clients at a fraction of the price of a proprietary CMS.

Founded in 2003 by the then-freelancer Niels Hartvig, the platform has grown into a global brand, which more than 400,000 clients use to host their sites. With a backend which is incredibly easy to understand, offering a flexible approach, Umbraco make it possible for content uploaders to ensure their website is clear, coherent and professional.

Why do we recommend Umbraco?

Aside from the total ease of the platform, you’ll also experience access to loads of great features. These core features make Umbraco a cut above other CMS platforms. With so much power in your hands, and their experienced team working away constantly in the background via the cloud, nothing can compete.

Core Features
  • 1.

    Open-source CMS

    Built on Microsoft .NET. This means that any member of the tech community can proactively submit changes to Umbraco to continually improve the CMS.

  • 2.

    Best practice SEO

    Umbraco automatically ensures the website meets all the standard SEO requirements.

  • 3.

    Enhanced editing

    Editors can make use of WYSIWYG content editing, version control, future publishing, blogs and multi-site management.

  • 4.

    Easy integration

    Umbraco offers a real variety when it comes to integration. Working with almost any existing system from CRMs and email platforms to e-commerce and booking engines.

  • 5.

    Intuitive editing

    An “infinite editing” tool lets users stay on top of their workflow. This allows an uploader to maintain constant control over the context of their content.

  • 6.

    Umbraco Cloud

    Instead of relying on individual repairs, the use of the cloud ensures all sites are given a universal experience. If you notice an issue, report it to Umbraco. They’ll access this hub and swiftly make the changes which are required.


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