What is Umbraco Cloud?

Umbraco Cloud promises a ‘one-click fix’ to everyday issues that might otherwise slow down web development projects.


A one-stop-shop

Umbraco has its own cloud hosting technology for Umbraco-based projects – unsurprisingly called ‘Umbraco Cloud’ – a one-stop-shop for the installation, infrastructure, and security of high-performing websites, while ensuring the content management process is streamlined and intuitive.

In this blog, we’ll provide a little more background on Umbraco Cloud’s functionality, benefits, and costs, as well as a more general insight into cloud hosting – and finally, how Yoyo supports clients as they embark on creating a brand new website or switching their CMS to Umbraco Cloud. See how Yoyo supports clients across Umbraco Web Development here.

What is Umbraco Cloud?

Originally launched in 2015 as ‘Umbraco as a Service’ (UaaS), Umbraco Cloud promises a ‘one-click fix’ to everyday issues that might otherwise slow down web development projects, such as upgrading to get the latest bug and security fixes or deploying content and features. 

Umbraco Cloud is hosted on Microsoft Azure, a proven and solid hosting infrastructure, which gives users access to Umbraco CMS via a cloud rather than from a single device thus benefiting from increased performance and scalability.

Although an existing site can be migrated to Umbraco Cloud, the platform works optimally when used from scratch for a new project and benefits businesses of all sizes and types, operating a website with approximately 50,000 unique visitors per day.

Speed, stability and security

What is Cloud Hosting?

The ‘cloud’ most often refers to the technology connecting several servers to the internet while ‘cloud hosting’ makes applications and websites accessible using these cloud resources, rather than relying on a single server.

Cloud hosting provides increased speed, stability, and security because any software problems are kept in isolation, unlike with physical servers. This reliability and resilience is especially crucial for ‘mission-critical’ websites such as lead generation sites, government or news sources, those using e-commerce, and other high-traffic projects.

Future-proofing and scalability is also made easier with cloud servers by simply adding memory and disk space as the website’s requirements change and the volume of traffic grows.


What do you get with Umbraco Cloud Hosting?

Umbraco Cloud’s pricing structure is separated into four tiers, with its ‘Starter’ package costing just £27 per month. Sites with a higher volume of traffic benefit from the ‘Professional’ level at £439 and for those with an increased demand for performance, availability and response times, the ‘Enterprise’ tier starts at £4269 per month, a customisable cost, based on requirements and budget.

The first three tiers include a wide range of features such as unlimited team members, automated security updates and Umbraco TV, a useful resource for user training and other information. Umbraco Cloud Platform support (of varying levels) is also on offer to all users, with friendly expertise on setting up sites, deployments between environments and other hosting features.

Setting up a new project on Umbraco Cloud only takes a few minutes and is ideal for organisations wanting the flexibility and robustness of a world-class CMS.  Built-in features are designed to improve team collaboration by taking up the slack of day-to-day website admin, freeing up precious time for more important (and fun!) stuff. 

Umbraco Cloud websites are monitored round the clock, automatically updating when bugs are fixed and security patches or new features are released. Systematic upgrades also remove the burden of maintaining the website’s security as they will always be running the latest version of Umbraco CMS. 

Migrating or starting from scratch?

Looking to switch your CMS to Umbraco Cloud?

Whether you’re starting with a blank slate or migrating an existing site to the cloud, Umbraco Cloud takes Umbraco CMS to a new level by “removing the barriers that slow down projects and get in the way of beautiful, functional sites”.

As a Umbraco agency, we enjoy supporting our clients with dynamic websites built in Umbraco Cloud and the benefits to them are clear to see. They have more time to focus on activities that improve their online ROI, whether that’s creating new content to improve SEO or web development to enhance functionality and user experience – as well as peace of mind, knowing they’re in safe hands with a knowledgeable agency that builds and develops secure, user-friendly and reliable websites, fit for the future.

If you have learnt something new, gained some inspiration, or just have a question about Umbraco Cloud’s web development capability or anything else, please do get in touch, we’re a friendly bunch.

Or if you’re interested to understand what we do around Umbraco, visit our services page or you can drop us an email.

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