The launch is not the end!


10 steps for continually improving your site.

You made it! After months of carefully crafting your new digital baby, with the click of a button your website is finally live. Now the office champagne has gone warm and flat, you’re probably wondering “what next?”. 

Well, it turns out the work isn’t over yet. To make the most out of your shiny, new site you’re gonna need to continually improve it. But we promise it’s not all bad - follow these 10 steps and you’ll be on track to having a website that consistently drives the impact you really want.

1. Dive into data

There’s a reason people bang on about data so much - it really is the cornerstone of informed decision-making. And today’s analytics tools make gathering data easier than ever. So hop on to your analytics platform of choice and check out how your website visitors are behaving, where they’re coming from and what content they’re loving. Then use this to inform the next evolution of your site, spotting pages which could use a little extra work and making plans to create more of the content people are connecting with.

2. Listen to your audience

Once your site goes live, the juicy bit begins. Before then, you can only assume how people will interact with it. So now it’s live, it’s time to conduct user testing and gather real feedback. There’s loads of usability testing tools out there today, but what’s even better is speaking to your audience directly. Ask them what they like, what they’d change and update your website accordingly. The best part of this is that it helps to build connections, turning people into brand advocates and encouraging them to share the link with friends and fam when they see their suggestions brought to life.

3. Monitor performance metrics

Your metrics will let you know if your site is performing the way you want it to. Load times, bounce rates and conversion rates all reflect user experience, so monitoring them regularly is key. It might sound obvious, but amidst the buzz of post-launch excitement it’s easy for this to slip through the net. Make sure you know who’s going to be responsible for checking site metrics and put regular slots in the diary so it doesn’t get missed. These stats are what’ll enable you to continually improve your site instead of it slowly gathering dust.

4. Keep your content fresh 

Sure, you probably had a bunch of new blogs ready for launch, but have you been keeping up with them? The humble blog often becomes an afterthought once the new site party hats have been taken off and you’re back to business as usual. But they’re a powerful tool for SEO - signalling to search engines that your site is active and relevant. Plus, when people navigate to your news page it’s reassuring for them to see that it’s being regularly updated. So it’s time to get writing, using your blog page to reflect industry trends, address audience queries and shout about your latest successes. 

5. Optimise for search engines 

SEO is a continuous process, not a one-time task. Search engine algorithms are constantly updating which means your site needs to, too. Even after launch, keep up with your keyword research, refine your meta tags and play with your site structure to boost organic traffic and increase visibility. Because even the most beautifully designed website is a waste if nobody can find it.

6. Enhance user experience

User experience is something that’s always evolving. How people behave today isn’t the same as last year or even last month, so it requires constant monitoring. Stay up-to-date with both UX trends and how your specific site visitors are behaving. Are they navigating to all your pages successfully? Are they filling in your forms? If not, you might wanna dig into why. Learn from the stats you're seeing and tweak your site in line with them. For example, if people are abandoning forms, try reducing the number of questions you’re asking or experiment with how they’re phrased.

7. Stay secure

It might not be the sexiest topic, but security is essential. And it’s another thing that’s constantly developing. GDPR and CCPA are more than just alphabet soup, they’re privacy regulations we’ve all got to adhere to. So make sure you’re regularly updating your software, plugins and security protocols in line with legal requirements.

8. Look for inspo

For your website to stay ahead, you’ve got to stay on top of trends. That means connecting with industry peers, reading articles and attending events to help you keep a handle on what’s best in the world of websites right now. Look further afield too, seeking design inspiration outside of your industry to inspire visuals that truly stand out. Then collaborate with designers and developers to bring them to life on your own site.

9. Be accessible 

In 2024 accessibility should be a given, but sadly it’s still not. Be a pioneer for positive change and ensure your site is accessible to users of all kinds by following the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. These’ll help you to implement proper heading structure, colour contrast considerations and keyboard navigation ability. Making your website fully accessible to even more people and hopefully encouraging others in your industry to follow suit.

10. Check out competitors

Of course your own site should be your focus, but it’s always worth keeping one eye on the competition. Check if they’re following in your footsteps and switch things up if so. Or spot any cool features they’ve got on their site and steal like an artist - studying, remixing and transforming their ideas into your own fresh ones.

There, we’ve said it. Launching your website isn’t the end, it’s actually the first step in a continuous journey of improvement. But don’t be mad at us, this is where the fun really starts. Sure, watching your new site go live is good, but there’s nothing more satisfying than taking control of its performance, spotting insights and implementing changes your visitors love. So embrace the change, update your site often and make sure it always prioritises people. That’s how you’ll have a website which continues to resonate with your audience and cultivate positive change long after launch.

Need a lil’ help? We’ve got your back. We’re Yoyo, the B-corp certified brand and digital agency dedicated to creating and reshaping brands for good. And we’d love to chat about your website and how we can make sure it’s driving the growth your brand deserves.